$175 Million Sponsorship Deal with UFC formed by Crypto.com

The cryptocurrency industry at present has exposure and market presence that it was not enjoying about two years back. After gaining momentum and popularity, the importance of this technology has now been realized by every sector in the world.

With the passage of time, success and crypt recognition has been gained by cryptocurrency firms. The sports companies wasted no time in forming partnerships and new deals with them.

Presently, E-sports, NBA Football, and Baseball are some of the major sports sectors partnerships with crypto firms. A new sport that belongs to the fighting space has recently formed a partnership with a cryptocurrency firm.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has entered into a sponsorship deal with a cryptocurrency firm, the reports confirm. In the mixed martial arts sector, UFC is globally known among the most prominent organizations.

An announcement about forming a sponsorship deal with one of the cryptocurrency exchanges has been made by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, an announcement was made by UFC that a sponsorship deal between UFC and a cryptocurrency exchange was made. It was confirmed in the announcement by UFC about forming a sponsorship deal with Crypto.com which is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

In terms of trading volumes, presently Crypto.com is considered to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange. The partnership between the two entities will be considered as a fight-kit partnership, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced.

It is confirmed by both UFC and Crypto.com about the value of sponsorship deal formed between the two firms. It has been revealed by them that deal worth $175 million has been formed, which would be for more than 10 years, they further added.

As a result of the confirmed sponsorship deal by both UFC and Crypto.com, right over the UFC fighting kits brand of Crypto.com would be affixed. In the future, the Crypto.com logo would appear on the fighting kits worn by UFC’s fighters and athletes.

In addition to that, staff members wearing clothes for training would also have the logo of exchange. As a result of the new deal, the Cryptocurrency Platform Partner category for sponsorship that has been launched by UFC, Crypto.com would also have the rights to it.

The CEO, and Co-Founder at Crypto.com Kris Marszalek, was determined and extremely excited about the newly formed partnership between UFC and Crypto.com. It is really a historic moment that a deal between the two different worlds has been formed, he stated.

As a result of the partnership between the two firms, the sports and cryptocurrency industry would get great help in gaining more exposure. The transitioning process of the world to cryptocurrencies would expedite and help their exchange accelerate considerably.