A Social Messenger Application Launch Underway by Dexa Coin

As per the latest reports, Dexa Coin has made a huge announcement for its users and the crypto community. The firm has announced that it plans on launching a state-of-the-art application in the coming days. Once the application is ready and launched, it will be capable of competing with other applications that belong to the same category.

According to Dexa Coin, its mission is not to compete with applications that are mediocre-level but the ones considered major. Dexa Coin is a company that is based in the United Arab Emirates and it aims to bring revolution to blockchain technology.

Dexa Coin has revealed that it plans on launching its own social messenger application that is driven by a blockchain network.

Dexa Coin has revealed the current status of the application, stating that it is currently undergoing the testing phase. The application is currently in beta testing mode and they are trying to fix any bugs or problems that come up with the application.

The firm has revealed that its aim is to release the application at the earliest, which is why they are expediting the testing phase. However, they do not want to launch an application that is full of bugs and is incapable to operate.

Therefore, they will perform thorough testing before they bring the application to the commercial market. Dexa Coin development has, however, revealed that their aim is to launch the application by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

The firm has also revealed that the users of the application will be surprised to see that they have added in-chat payment capabilities to the application. For now, this feature is the main cause of disruption for all other services and features offered by the application.

They are trying their best to come up with a solution to the problem and make the application fully functional. Once all preliminary work is complete on the application, it will be released for the users to navigate around the application and have one of the best experiences.

Adnan Altaf, the CEO at Dexa Coin, stated that their aim is to provide their users with a phenomenal social messenger application. They have ensured that the application is full of features, entertainment, as well as monetary opportunities.

The development teams at Dexa Coin are using all their experience and are making sure what comes to the users would be out of this world. They are building the application in such a manner that it becomes easier for them to navigate through the application.

They aim to provide users with the best experience possible and they want to achieve all of it through blockchain technology.