Thanks to modern technology, people can enjoy trading in different assets from the comfort of their homes. A large variety of brokerage firms is available on the internet that people from all over the world can use to invest in assets. However, it is not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of effort and time to pick out the best possible choice of the trading firm for you. This task only gets harder because of the large number of options that are available to traders. Traders cannot and should not randomly pick trading firms because there are many not-so-great ones amongst the good ones. Moreover, they also have to be wary of scams that are disguised as brokers. In this ABInvesting review, I will introduce a great online trading firm to all the readers.

This is my top recommended brokerage firm simply because of the fact that it offers great trading conditions in a completely safe trading environment. Let’s take a look at some features of this broker and identify the benefits of trading with it.

Best Features of ABInvesting

Security Protocols

ABInvesting has created a completely safe and secure trading environment for its clients. This broker has prioritized the safety of its customers over everything. However, the other features that it offers are also of great quality, so I think that ABInvesting has managed to achieve what it intended to do from the beginning.

This trading firm has implemented strong security protocols to keep its system safe from hacking attempts made by cybercriminals. Traders provide a lot of information about themselves to the firm and also trust it with their money, so the firm has the responsibility to ensure its safety. Hackers make attempts of getting into the system to get access to the valuable information and money that brokers have in their systems. However, the security protocols that ABInvesting has applied make sure that no outside can breach its security.

Trading Platform

The experience of the trading platform that you get with ABInvesting is almost seamless. This broker provides three different versions of its trading platform, all of which are equally equipped with tools and facilities. The firm offers the MetaTrader4, a web trader, as well as a mobile app. The MetaTrader4 is a name of its own and if you want to know more about it, a quick Google search will give you all the information that you need.

The trading platforms that ABInvesting offers have over 60 analytical tools which help traders make smart decisions about investments. Some of these features include one-click trading, trading signals, charts, and graphs, amongst others. The web trader is easy to use and easy to access and is a personal favorite of mine. You can access your trading account from any device that you want, as long as it supports an internet connection.

The mobile app and the MT4 software need to be downloaded on your computers and smartphones. So, you need to upgrade the device software and manually install them. These platforms also provide a high quality of performance and allow traders to trade without any problems. User-friendly and intuitive interfaces are a common feature among these platforms.

Instruments of Trade

Instruments of trade are the assets that the trading firm allows traders to invest in. If you are a new trader, the best advice that I can give you is to make sure that you find a firm that has a wide asset index. This is because having access to limited assets can be extremely disadvantageous, especially at the beginning of your career.

ABInvesting provides traders with a large variety of assets in its index. It supports the trade of over 350 assets which include forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, shares, CFDs on indices, and several other hard products. With this variety, traders will have numerous investment options and choices. They will also be able to create a trading portfolio that is diverse in nature. As a new trader, you need to experience trading with different assets before you start focusing on the highly volatile ones. Oftentimes, even the most experienced traders prefer to stick with the more stable assets. An added advantage of being able to trade with multiple assets is that you can decrease the risk of loss by distributing your money.

Tight Spreads

ABInvesting offers competitive spreads which are among the reasons why choosing this firm is so beneficial. If you are a complete newbie, you may have no idea what spreads are. Spreads are the differences between the selling and the buying price of an asset. You may notice that when you buy an asset from the broker and then sell it back to them, you pay more than you receive. This difference in the buying and selling price is known as a spread.

Brokerage firms make money from this price difference. Since ABInvesting is a firm that isn’t too greedy and cares about the relationship that it has with its customers, the spread rates that it offers are not very high. If you see a firm that has very high spread counts, then it would be wise to not sign up with it unless you are into wasting your money.

Customer Support

This brokerage firm does not offer the best customer support service hours but it does have a quick response time. The customer support department of ABInvesting is active 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. This means that if you send in your queries during working hours on weekdays, you will receive almost instantaneous responses. However, you may have to wait for a couple of hours before you hear back from them.

Final Thoughts

In this ABInvesting review, I have highlighted the benefits of trading with this broker as well as its best features. What makes ABInvesting such a good choice is the fact that it offers great trading conditions in a completely secure environment. Moreover, all the advanced features that it offers are provided on a user-friendly interface which means that even the new traders can use them comfortably.

New traders often worry about the security of the information that they provide to the broker. By choosing ABInvesting, they can eliminate all of their worries because of the high level of security it offers.