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Cryptocurrency market at large

The cryptocurrency market seems to be moving towards being an established and mainstream alternative to traditional money – cash or the bank currency notes. There are more than 2,000 digital currencies available right now and their number is increasing rapidly. It seems new cryptocurrencies are coming up with better features and innovative financial vision. Looking at the trend we can safely assume that the time for well-conceived cryptocurrencies has just started and some wonderful coins are round the corner, ready to hit the market. While many people would think that they missed the cryptocurrency boat by missing out on the great opportunity that Bitcoin offered them. But the way big brands are throwing their hats into the ring, and the mature product and financial vision that they are putting forth, we can rest assured that the future of cryptocurrencies is great and highly promising.

3wtrade.com a leading news portal for the cryptocurrency market

3wtrade.com seems to share and inspired by this optimism about the cryptocurrency market. Its features and analysis bring up the hottest issue that’s being debated in the cryptocurrency circuits. Its lead story in the early hours of February 28 was about US planning to have a separate virtual currency-specific regulator. This is such important news for the entire cryptocurrency industry, currently pegged at $800 bn. Though there are many other news websites that claim to be working on the cryptocurrency niche, the maturity and news sense that 3wtrade is showing puts theirs on a different pedestal. As the cryptocurrency market becomes bigger and stronger over the next five years, a large number of new customers would be on the lookout for cutting-edge information, analysis, and news products to keep them ahead in the business. 3wtrade seems to have positioned itself as a leading news outlet for the cryptocurrency-related content.

Time for decentralized money has arrived

The cryptocurrency has a strong and meaningful concept behind it. It is a currency that is not controlled by any government or the central bank, unlike the mainstream currencies. The central banks and banks, in general, have shown weakness and inadequacy in dealing with economic issues effectively.

Despite their best practices and great financial vision of their respective governments, no solutions could be found for the current economic problems. Taxes are rising, so is unemployment. The value of money has been on a steady decline as inflation keeps rising. There is hardly any protection of the money earned by the people. The government and central banks are finding new ways to chip and pare people’s money. Cryptocurrency promises a complete departure from this economic and monetary set-up. It offers to be completely decentralized digital money that is universally accepted and would not lose its value just because it is in a different territory. For this concept to become viable and practical a lot more needs to be done.

The good news is that the industry is on track and moving in the right direction.

Knowledge & information is key

For the cryptocurrencies to gain popularity and be able to replace traditional money, knowledge, and information is the key. The more people know how it works and what makes a cryptocurrency better than the other, the more popular it will become. Also, a lot needs to be done at the government level and many governments around the world are waking up to this issue. They are gradually bringing in policy frameworks for the cryptocurrencies to coexist with their national currencies.

Final Thoughts

It is in this light, we should welcome an initiative like 3wtrade, which offers the latest news and cutting –edge analysis about the cryptocurrency business and market around the world. This is surely going to keep you ahead in the emerging new economy. Three cheers to 3wtrade.