The beginning of the 21st century brought about technological progress and the internet with it. Back then, no one could have predicted how everything would change, and yet it did. Thanks to the internet, our lives have been completely transformed and people now enjoy perks and conveniences that seemed impossible at one time. The beauty of it is that you get to do it all from the comfort of your home or no matter where you are. You can get a great deal of flexibility and have access to endless opportunities for pretty much everything, whether it is studying, having fun or for earning an income.

While all this is certainly appealing, people shouldn’t forget that there are some risks here as well. Since the online world is a diverse and constantly expanding one, it remains mostly unregulated and this has given criminals the golden opportunity to take advantage of those who are not canny enough to avoid them. It is routine to hear about online frauds, scams and other such criminal schemes and they are able to get away with it because there is no central authority that can deal with such matters. When people get scammed, they have no other choice but to accept it and move on because they don’t know what else to do.

Therefore, it is not surprising to know that such fraudulent schemes are rampant because it is easy for criminals to get away with it. As far as the victims are concerned, they always end up wishing there was a way for them to get back what they have lost, whether it is their money or their information that has been compromised. The increasing number of these scams and frauds has created the need for services or authorities that can help people in recovering their losses in some way.

When there is a demand for something, it is highly likely that someone will try to fulfill it because it makes for a great business opportunity. Hence, a number of companies have popped up in the online world that claim to help people in getting their lost money back from cybercriminals. All you have to do is run a quick search on Google and you will have a list of them. One of the names that you will find is referred to as Action Refund, their purpose quite obvious from the name they have chosen.

Action Refund Scam

Like others, this company has also been established to assist victims of the numerous scams and frauds that happen online and help them in getting the money they have lost. You will find them claiming all of this when you take a look at their website. If you dig deep into their offerings, you will discover that they help people in getting a refund from different types of scams. It could be a forex trading scam, crypto scam, an online trading scam and even help with an online dating scam. This does make them sound quite appealing because you can get help for a variety of problems.

Moreover, when you check out what they require from you, they are offering a free consultation at your convenience. They ask for your personal details, information about the scam that happened to you and then they claim to verify the information they have provided to you. According to the website, after they have completed their verification, they will assign a case manager to you, who will coordinate with you throughout the process of recovering your money. On the surface, this appears to be quite straightforward, but it doesn’t take long for anyone to understand that it isn’t what it appears to be.

After all, appearances can be deceiving and this is exactly what is happening at Action Refund. If you notice, they are asking you to provide everything and not giving anything in return. They want you to trust them with your personal information, but they will only assist you after they have verified what you share with them. There are no details as to how this verification will be done. How are they going to confirm that you have been scammed? Most online scammers know how to pull a disappearing act once they are done, so how will Action Refund find them?

Unfortunately, the Action Refund website is very stingy when it comes to details, which automatically sends up a red flag. It is just like a scammer to make big claims, do all the talking, but have nothing to show for it. This is exactly what Action Refund is; it is just another elaborate scam that lures people in by tricking them into thinking they will get help in recovering what they have lost. Instead, they either steal your personal information, or they walk away with your money by asking you to pay a hefty fee for their services. Even if you realize that you have been scammed, there really isn’t anything you can do about it.

Isn’t that the reason you contacted them in the first place? You had no one to turn to and so, you decided to use their services to hope for some kind of refund. A lot of people may not be sure about how to react when they come across Action Refund. Not everyone can easily spot a scam and if you are one of those people, then you need to know how to spot that this website is just another fraudulent scheme. Some of the prominent red flags that you will come across include:

  • They seem to have several domain names

The first red flag that should alert you is the fact that Action Refund appears to have several domain names. A solid, authentic and legitimate brand wouldn’t need more than one domain name. After all, you don’t want your clients confused when they are searching for you. Hence, reliable businesses will use only one domain name because they know it is important for branding and marketing purposes. When it comes to Action Refund, they seem to have two domain names instead of one. There is and Which one is the authentic one? Why do they have two? There are no explanations for it, which means there is something fishy.

  • They don’t provide any client names

As mentioned above, on the surface everything looks good where Action Refund is concerned. If you take a look at their website, you will be impressed by the amount of refunds they have made. You will come across different amounts that they claim to have recovered for their clients, but who are these clients? While the company has been very forthcoming about the money they have recovered, they don’t give you any insight into the clients.

Why should you take them at their word? It is easy to write a bunch of figures and claim to have made the refund. They should substantiate these amounts with some details about their clients. Even if they cannot divulge their names for privacy, they should still provide information about the cases they dealt with and yet there is no such thing available. This makes it impossible for you to determine what kind of experience Action Refund has had, unless you are willing to take their word for it.

  • They don’t offer a free consultation

One of the biggest lures that you will find on Action Refund’s website is the free consultation. No one minds trying a service if they can get a free shot at it. This draws people to the website and convinces them to comply with the requirements in place for a free consultation. What are these requirements? They ask you to share some private details about yourself and share information about the scam you suffered from and then you get a free consultation. This is where you should be wary because the whole point of a free consultation is for you to discuss your case.

You haven’t even decided if you want to go through with using Action Refund’s services, so why would you share your personal information with them first? You can try to get your mind around this confusing process, but there is another one ready to confuse you. If you go through the Privacy Policy on their website, you will discover that Action Refund has contradicted itself. The policy dictates that there is no such thing as a free consultation because they will charge you a commission for it. When you are paying for it, how can it be free? Moreover, it doesn’t just stop with the commission, as there is another fee charged and this will be decided according to the complexity of your case.

Once again, you will not find any insight into how this fee will be decided. What factors will determine that your case is complex? How will they arrive on a fee? There is no such information and using their services like this wouldn’t be different than signing a blank check. After all, they can choose to charge whatever they want after you have agreed to it, and you will have to pay it. What does that tell you? It tells you that this is also a scam that’s aimed at getting as much money out of you as possible. Even if you decide not to pay this fee, they will still have your information.

Opting for the ‘free’ consultation means that you have already shared personal information with them, which can be used for any nefarious purpose. The point is that Action Refund is not transparent, open and straightforward with its clients, which makes it a shady company that shouldn’t be trusted.

  • There are no details about the process

What is the whole point of Action Refund? Their purpose is to assist victims of various online scams and frauds in getting their money back. This is all well and good, but the question is how will they get it done? If there was a standard that had to be followed, you could have done it yourself, but there isn’t. Therefore, it is a given that people would want to know how the company plans on getting their money back and what process will be used. Technically, they should provide this information on their website. When you take a close look, you will see that there are lots of statements about what they are capable of and what they have done.

But, the biggest hole is that there is no information about how they have done it. Considering the fact that their clients have already been victimized by scammers, Action Refund should take great care in reassuring them and providing them with details about how they intend to help them. Yet, they expect their clients to trust them blindly, something that has already cost them once. This sounds rather foolish on their part and should immediately alert you because no legitimate company would expect you to do so. You will be sharing your information with them and paying for their services, so you do have a right to know how they intend to help you. If they are not telling, you need to stay away from them.

Along with these problems, you will also find that Action Refund doesn’t give any support to its clients, which means you have no way of reaching out to them in case you need to. You will find grammatical errors on their website under the FAQ section, one of the most prominent indications of a scam. Another major gap you will notice is that they don’t have any proper reviews to back the claims they have made. You will find some on their website, but they are mostly vague and generic. This immediately makes it clear that they are fake and shouldn’t be trusted.

Put all this information together and you get a clear picture that Action Refund is really a scam and you should not expect it to be of any help to you when you want to recover your money.