Akon is Winning Hearts around the World with his Cryptocurrency “Akoin”

According to the latest reports, the cryptocurrency project known as Akoin (AKN) has successfully cleared the pilot rollout phase. The person responsible for the development of the AKN project is Akon who is a famous Senegalese-American singer.

As per sources, the pilot rollout phase for the AKN project has been completed, which saw the AKN being integrated into Kenya’s Mwale Medical and Technology City Complex.

It was back in November 2020 when the initial reports surrounding the pilot phase for the AKN project were rotated. At that time, it was revealed that the pilot phase for the AKN project was launched and necessary testing was being conducted for the integration.

That was the same time when the AKN token was listed on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges known as Bittrex.

The development team working on the AKN project has revealed that they have gathered very promising and positive results from the pilot rollout phase. After the success of the pilot phase, the development teams are now getting ready to go all out on the project.

It has been confirmed that the Akoin (AKN) cryptocurrency will now be deployed and will go live on the $2 billion complexes. The firm has announced that the cryptocurrency would go live on the complex in July of 2021.

The co-founder and president of the Akoin (AKN) platform, Jon Karas also talked about the project. He stated that the pilot phase of the AKN platform received a very warm welcome from the community. The results they have gathered from the pilot phase roll-out are promising and have given them the confidence to expedite their process of going live.

The firm has announced that once the Akoin (AKN) platform is launched, it will be available for adoption among 2,000 merchants, over 35,000 residents, and 5,000 hospital workers from MMTC.

The developing team for Akoin (AKN) has estimated that the platform will be able to generate up to $5 million transactions. The firm has revealed that all of the transactions will be coming from the AKN tokens utilizing facilities.

The company is also expecting that by December of 2021, the AKN utilization will be increased to cover and facilitate more than 20,000 MMTC workers. Then the firm has even bigger plans for the complex by the end of the year 2022.

The AKN team has revealed that by the end of the year 2022, they are planning to make AKN the exclusive digital asset that the complex will be using.

Once the AKN is fully and exclusively adopted, it would help generate $1.7 billion to $2 billion transactions annually.

Furthermore, the residents and the workers at AKN will have the option of receiving their salaries in the form of AKN tokens.