Alpha Finance Lab has recently announced that the firm is going to launch a new Alpha Grants Program. Alpha Finance Lab is well known for building the world’s unique ecosystem of decentralized finance-based products, including an innovative building chain of blocks which is going to play the role of the central pillar in the financial system as it has been a demanding element in finance. The firm is leading the global financial system in a new direction, and now it has proudly disclosed the development of the new Alpha Grant Program.

Alpha Grants Program

In Alpha Grant Program, the team will facilitate the Alpha Builders with grants of well-organized teams for development and individuals having substantial experience of developing in Decentralized Finance who are intended to contribute to the development of Alpha Ecosystem.

This program is aimed to allow the broader community of Alpha Finance to introduce the new development grants of the scalable Alpha ecosystem of DeFi products. Basically, this project is aimed to offer the new grants to the community even if they are not willing to work on the proposed platform as the firm’s analysts believe that in case of accepting the proposal, the team will get 5% of the overall grant in the form of tokens on the completion of project development.

According to Alpha Finance Labs, it seems that the firm is moving one step ahead by following the proposed structure. The firm believes that the newly proposed Alpha Grants Program will act as the core element in laying the strong foundation as it will allow the firm to incubate and build a wide range of DeFi products in a secure and scalable way under the supervision of Alpha Finance Lab.

Scope of Alpha Grants Program

Alpha Labs is offering 1st developer grant to the Alpha Builders who are intended to create the Alpha dashboard, which will ultimately consist of key metrics in order to help the community in understanding the current usages and trends along with getting valuable insights into DeFi products.

Moreover, Alpha Homora is going to be the first product of Alpha Finance Lab and the first leverage-based yielding product of Decentralized Finance to capture the lending market gap and will play the central role in the financial system. The Grant amount to be paid in the form of ALPHA tokens is $1.500 to $2,000, and Alpha Builders who will be nominated as the qualifiers will be given a fully UI mock-up as well.