AMC Becomes First Chain of Movie Theaters to Open Doors to Cryptocurrency

Recovering from the pandemic has been especially difficult for movie theaters, as they were essentially closed down for over a year. But as more people make their way to theaters, it is becoming quite apparent that movie theaters need to bring in a lot more for people to come back.

Since most movies come out on streaming services as well, people rarely want to leave the comfort of their home. And one of the ways that the AMC has decided to attract a new audience is by allowing cryptocurrency into its system.

Therefore, people will be able to purchase movie tickets as well as confectionery through a variety of unique cryptocurrencies. And even though the actual service has yet to launch, AMC has decided on the tenders that it will be allowing. They have chosen Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ethereum as viable means of payment.

Since cryptocurrencies have been gaining legitimacy throughout various industries, AMC felt more comfortable integrating it. They have not been in the best of shape throughout the pandemic, and they need more people to come and watch movies.

Adam Aron, an executive of AMC entertainment Holdings, also commented on the current success of cryptocurrency and their integration. He said that the system will come into effect by the end of the year. In his tweet he further confirmed that AMC theaters will be allowing people to purchase both tickets and confectionery in Bitcoin. He is also confident that it will  start by the end of the current year, and it will also involve Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Despite the incredible volatility of Bitcoin, AMC is still considering it as a viable tender. Since it is also astronomically more expensive than most people will ever be able to earn in their life, it is an odd choice for people to use that to buy $10 worth of popcorn.

The cryptio community has been very supportive about the new deal. They are looking forward to the fact that they will be able to use their cryptocurrencies to even buy movie tickets. While some are very ecstatic, others are not surprised by the new announcement. Seeing how fast cryptocurrency has been growing recently, it was a no brainer that some movie theater chain would eventually integrate.

However, despite the entire community being very happy with this new wave of acceptance that cryptocurrency has been getting, activists have been keen to notice the massive carbon footprint of crypto mining. It has become a serious issue that many countries are working on solving. China has outright banned Bitcoin in the country, but experts have also been skeptical of their reasons.