Americans Putting More Trust in NFTs than Cryptocurrencies, Survey Reveals

Today, almost the entire world knows about cryptocurrencies and people are also very much aware of the non-fungible token (NFT) technology. Although people might have an idea about cryptocurrencies even before 2020, hardly, anyone would’ve had any idea of NFT.

Surprisingly, the non-fungible token industry has been around since 2017. However, people did not come to know about the industry at the beginning of 2021. This is because the people were not able to figure out the potential of the NFT sector until 2021.

When people realized its potential, the industry’s success went sky-rocket. Since then, the industry has not only gained popularity among individuals but even large companies as well as singers, actors, athletes, and many sectors have adopted NFT.

This is because the NFT sector is unique although it is a branch of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. At the beginning of 2021, the non-fungible token sector started off as a few hundred thousand dollar industries.

Surprisingly, in the month of March, the NFT sector had grown its monthly trades/sales way over $200 million. However, the NFT sector did not make a stop there, as it kept growing larger with time. Finally, in August of 2021, the NFT sector generated more than $4 billion in the form of NFT sales/trades.

This goes to show that the NFT sector has grown tremendously big in such a short amount of time. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency and potential investors are now more interested to make investments in the NFT sector than the crypto-sector.

It was on the 7th of September, 2021, when one of the research platforms known all over the world, Piplsay carried out a survey. The survey was conducted in order to establish exactly what the people in the United States think about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

According to information from Piplsay, a total of 30,870 people from the United States were surveyed. In addition to the Americans, Britons were also surveyed by Piplsay that was 9,170 in number. The purpose of the survey was to gather views of the locals around the non-fungible token sector.

The survey showed that out of the total Americans, 48% sided with non-fungible tokens. They agreed that the non-fungible tokens were better investment assets. Surprisingly, this view changes dramatically when the responses from the Britons are taken into consideration.

The survey results show that out of the total Britons participating in the survey, only 22% stood by NFTs being good and profitable investments. Out of the total Americans, 18% revealed that they had already invested in NFTs versus 5% Britons, who made the same claim.

The survey was reportedly carried out by Piplsay between September 3 and September 5, 2021. The research firm only collected responses from participants that were either 18 or over.