An Art Exhibition for NFT Debuts in Beijing

As the non-fungible token (NFT) continues to expand on the internet platform, it has also started spreading its roots in the real-world. As per the latest reports, the first-ever physical exhibition for digital artwork is set to be held. The sources have confirmed that the exhibition is set to take place in Beijing, China.

No matter how much other countries develop and innovate they may become, China always has the tendency to stay ahead of other countries. While many countries had started NFT technology on a larger scale, none of the countries had come up with the idea that China has.

It is the first country in the entire world that is holding a physical exhibition for digital artwork NFTs. In the event, digital artworks of some of the most prominent digital artists from the NFT industry will be showcased and put on for public viewing.

On top of that, the exhibition will also be holding a competition for the digital artwork industry. Each artist will have their digital artwork displayed and then voting will be cast among the competitors. The digital artwork that will manage to get the most amount of votes would be nominated as the winner of the competition.

In the past 15 months, the non-fungible token (NFT) industry has gained tremendous growth and development when it comes to art mania and NFT collectibles. The industry has started gaining a lot of attention from mainstream institutions. There are many investors and big-time collectors that have now started shifting to the digital NFT industry.

The NFT industry has even started producing its own high-profile bidders and collectors of the digital artwork NFTs. As the industry continues to catch the eye of the big-time and prominent investors, more countries and companies are now adopting the technology.

As China is constantly praised as one of the most advanced and welcoming countries in terms of crypto-blockchain adoption, it has decided to take things up by a notch when it comes to NFT adoption.

The recent move made by the cryptocurrency and NFT sector in China has made it clear as to where it stands in terms of NFT adoption. The cryptocurrency firms in the country are ready to adopt the NFT industry to its fullest, no matter what the cost.

It has been confirmed that the title of the exhibition is going to be “Virtual Niche – Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?”

With the launch of this event, the group of leading platforms, as well as NFT evangelists, are trying their best to bring the Polkadot and Bitcoin communities under the same flag.

The main purpose of the event is to provide more exposure to the NFT sector inside the country.