Axia Investments Review – Regulated Online Trading Services

Axia Investments  Review

Incentivized by the growing demand for retail trading services, brokerage houses from all around the world are racing against each other to increase their customer base. The only way forward is to innovate by providing personalized trading solutions that traders will be attracted to. How many brands are managing to offer such conditions is still up for debate, but some are successful in doing so.

Axia Investments is one of them, regulated and trusted by a growing number of retail CFD traders. Aware of all the current market challenges, this provider has managed to come out with a trading offer that in many ways, does not resemble what other brokerages are offering. 

If you are looking for a CFD broker covering multiple asset classes and putting the customer first, this Axia Investments review will go in depth on this company and reveal all the relevant details any trader should be aware of before deciding to open a trading account.

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Axia Investments Trading Platforms

The platform is the main gateway to the markets, and thus how well it is optimized becomes a critical requirement. AxiaTrader Web is an innovative trading solution incorporating multiple resources:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trading signals
  • Advanced indicators
  • Financial news and calendar
  • Customized trading alerts.

Accessibility, ease-of-use, and customized features should be part of every platform, and with this browser-based solution developed by Axia Investments, traders will get them all.

Who would have thought 10 years ago that mobile trading will become so popular among retail traders? Thanks to advanced smartphones and tablets, access to the markets is granted on the go, all free of charge. AxiaTrader Mobile is a solution compatible with both Android and iOS devices, currently the main mobile platform available at Axia Investments.

Axia Investments mobile trading

Axia Investments Security Features

Trading online needs to be secure, since the financial and personal information security of each trader is at stake. Axia Investments treats this matter with professionalism and because of that, its trading ecosystem is fortified with multiple security protocols, all with the main goal of preventing 3rd party access without authorization to any of the accounts.

Also, the brand holds customer funds in segregated accounts, in line with the latest regulatory requirements. Ultimately, trading with Axia Investments is secure because traders get access to the markets via CFDs, which means they don’t need to hold any of the underlying assets.

Keep in mind that Axia Investments is a regulated broker, currently authorized and regulated by the FSA with license number SD034. This has numerous positive consequences for customers, given the company conducts its activity based on the latest regulatory guidelines.

Axia Investments Assets

With an asset list covering over 400 CFDs, including crypto, Axia Investments is well-positioned to serve traders that would like to trade different instruments, based on their personal objectives and geographical location.

Tens of currency pairs, hundreds of shares, popular stock markets indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, are all trending assets at the time of writing, benefiting from large inflows daily. Axia Investments has already included all of them as part of its offer.

Axia Investments 0 commission policy

Keep in mind that trading conditions will be dependent on the account type chosen. Standard spreads will decline if customers choose a larger account. There are 0% trading commissions and only overnight swaps need to be considered as a relevant trading cost.

Axia Investments Registration and Account Types

Traders from the EU as well as other parts of the world can register for an account with Axia Investments since this broker wants to serve customers from many different countries. That’s why its trading offer is so diversified, and to make things convenient, the registration process has been simplified.

Each customer will need to choose from a list of 5 different accounts:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Starting to trade with Axia Investments requires a very small initial deposit of $250, as the broker believes online trading should be for everyone. Competitive spreads and leverage, assistance provided by account managers, welcome bonuses, and other benefits await all those interested to work with this brand.

Pros and Cons

  • Welcome bonus of up to 25% on deposit
  • Professional customer support service
  • Coverage for 400+ CFD assets from multiple markets.
  • Platinum and Diamond accounts only have access to a direct line to the trading room
  • No welcome bonus for Bronze accounts.


Axia Investments truly is a brokerage that managed to develop a brand new trading environment, where traders with different backgrounds can get together and take advantage of very competitive conditions. The brand continues to share the highest values, including transparency and a customer-centric approach, two of the main reasons why retail traders continue to open accounts. Trading CFDs with Axia Investments is what many people have been looking for.