Basic Attention Token sees an incredible rise of 20% over 7 days

The crypto market is famous for its incredible wealth of tokens to choose from. In fact, every day sees ten more cryptocurrencies making it into the market to make it big or be the next Bitcoin or Ethereum. And with the added element of volatility in the mix, there is a real chance that these cryptocurrencies will jump out into the spotlight, even if it is just for a day. And when that happens, the best thing for a company to focus on is making that impression that brings in more people. And so far, The Basic Attention token seems to be doing just that.

The Basic Attention Cryptocurrency has managed to grow by an astounding 20% in as little as seven days, following new revelations from the Brave browser. While it still does not compare to the incredible highs of Solana or Shiba Inu, it is still much better than most people expect, considering how competitive the market really is.

The Brave browser, one of the biggest internet browsers on both mobile and PC has proven to become a massive success. And one of the biggest moves that it was able to make was to merge with Solana. Solana, of course, is the massive cryptocurrency that managed to take the entire internet by storm. Its prices managed to raise by an exceptional 15,000% in a year, making it a worthy competitor to the second-biggest crypto in the market, Ethereum.

So when the announcement managed to go public about both the browser and the crypto starting their partnership, the prices for The Basic Attention token have gone up.

The major reason why this deal was so massive was because of Brave itself. The browser focuses on privacy over anything else, as it even uses a dedicated digital advertising platform powered by blockchain. And by watching specific ads throughout the browser, users can gather Basic Attention tokens. Using these tokens, they can then support various online publishers. It is also worth noting that these ads do not take advantage of a person’s private data, and ensure ultimate privacy. So when the deal went live, it is obvious to see that the prices for these tokens started to rise as well.

The best thing about both Brave integrating Solana into its network is that it will be able to make for an excellent platform for people that rely on cryptocurrencies. Brave was already a very popular browser among people that made use of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is not hard to see that adding the fastest cryptocurrency in the market right now to your browser as well will make it an instant classic.