Best Crypto Tools for Different Purposes in 2021

Blockchain technology and crypto tools are not just meant to disrupt centralized systems, but also to simplify our lives via innovation that leads to time and money saved and puts more money, both crypto, and fiat, in our pockets. You can find a number of good exchanges for buying cryptocurrencies and you will not face a shortage of reliable wallets that can be used for storing crypto, but what is everything else in between? There are different apps that can make the whole crypto experience better. These are crypto tools that can help you in getting the most out of these digital currencies by either giving you the ability to earn more crypto in various ways or improving your overall experience.

You can find crypto tools that fit a variety of categories and some of the best ones are highlighted below:

Lolli (Best for Shopping)

Similar to Rakuten, Lolli is a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome and a Bitcoin rewards site that allows users to earn Bitcoin when shopping from partner merchants. The difference is that rather than getting cash, you will get crypto back. When you visit a website supporting Lolli, you will be notified by the browser and can click it for earning cashback. Lolli has entered into partnerships with leading merchants, such as Sam’s Club, Nike, eBay, Groupon, and Microsoft. When you shop through Lolli, it gets a percentage of every sale. They use a piece of that percentage to give you Bitcoin in cashback. While the cashback percentage varies for every merchant, it can go as high as 30%.

Travala (Best for Traveling) was founded in 2017 and it is the leading blockchain-based platform for travel booking in the world. Thousands of customers all over the globe trust it as their online travel agency. Currently, you will find that there are more than 2,200,000 properties that cover 90,124 destinations spread across 230 territories and countries. Moreover, the prices you come across are more than 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking solutions.

You can enjoy a hassle-free travel booking experience that incorporates tokenized incentives and next-generation blockchain technology. They have numerous traditional and crypto payment options, along with benefits. Whether you want to receive crypto rewards for booking a vacation or want to spend your crypto on vacation, this can be a great tool.

Bitwage (Best for Payroll)

A human resource and payroll service based on the blockchain, Bitwage can be used by companies and individuals alike. People working remotely or freelance can create a Bitwage account and get their deposits a lot faster than traditional banks for reduced fees. Furthermore, you can convert all or a portion of it into crypto, which means you can get paid in crypto as well.

Bitwage can be immensely useful for companies that are based internationally and have employees in varying locations. They can reduce their costs by saving fees on currency conversions and transaction fees and also pay their employees quicker. Employers can also find Bitcoin 401ks available on Bitwage, which they can provide to their employees. Bitwage can offer a payroll solution to both individuals and companies, which not only saves money but can also get it to people faster.

NowPayments (Best for Instant Transactions)

The team behind ChangeNOW introduced NowPayments back in 2019. The goal was to provide a crypto payment gateway that’s embedded into existing websites and is easy to use. They wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to give crypto as a payment choice for online commerce, fundraisers, and donations. It is an easy-to-integrate and simple service and you just have to copy a chunk of HTML code in order to start accepting crypto payments.

NowPayments can also be used by anyone to accept crypto payments on their social media accounts, websites, and online stores. Moreover, it is a non-custodial service, which means that they don’t hold or store your funds. More than 50 cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform and it offers low transaction fees. You can find flexible solutions, such as accepting payments in various cryptocurrencies or converting the ones you receive into one crypto. This automatic exchange occurs via their crypto exchange service i.e. ChangeNOW.