BiShares launches dETF, Chain Fund (biChain)

The recent statement by the BiShares community has shown staggering results. A Chain fund was launched by the BiShares decentralized exchange-traded fund (dETF).  This launch has provided the crypto buyers with the opportunity to diversify their crypto portfolio and invest in the native tokens of some of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges. The BiShares community waited too long for a share that includes the crypto tokens of some of the world’s most renowned crypto exchanges and the release of a new fund by BiShares has just delivered that.

The launch of this new (dETF) fund will enable crypto users to diversify their portfolios with just one click. The technology being used to create the fund allows the users to buy all the tokens included in that fund by just owning any single token.  The biChain fund includes the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), Fantom (FTM), Polygon (Matic), and Binance USD (BUSD), with a 1% allocation of BiShares’ governance token, BISON.

The launch of this new fund means that crypto traders have a solution to all of their digital needs under one roof. BiShares have also included the Stablecoins into this fund for those buyers who are more concerned about the sustainable side of the crypto marketplace.

As of this writing, BiShares is conversing with some other major decentralized exchanges as well and it plans to soon launch partner funds as well. Some of the renowned exchanges which have shown keen interest are Wault, JetFuel, and Wall Street Bets.   The DEX fund will be launched once the agreement is signed.

The DEX fund will include some of the industry’s renowned quality DEXs.

Over the past three or four months relatively higher amount of funds being launched for investing in the crypto market. Private and institutional entities have both have shown their interest in entering the crypto space. BiShares also has plans to launch further funds in the future. The most prominent among them is the “game fund.” The fund will be launched by the end of the month of September. The funds are designed to cover the crypto gaming tokens.

BiShares has specifically focused on private crypto investors to diversify their portfolios. It provided the private investors with the opportunity to diversify their funds by just buying one parent coin.

BitShares is also developing ties with the NFT and blockchain chains platforms to further enhance the consumer experience. It would further simplify the trading process for crypto investors. However, the launch of the fund has been appreciated by crypto market investors and crypto experts.