Bitcoin Depot Now has Over 5,000 ATMs Due to Vast Growth of Cryptocurrencies

The network of cryptocurrency ATMs for Bitcoin Depot is constantly on the rise. The firm is constantly seeing the number of its crypto-ATMs rising in the North American region. According to data, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs in the North American region is now over 5,000.

The total number of ATMs rising in the North American region is a demonstration of how much the cryptocurrency industry has grown. Among all other regions, the North American region has witnessed the highest number of cryptocurrency adoption.

Initially, cryptocurrencies were only adopted by individual users but now the industry is making its way into the retail sector. As the cryptocurrency industry is expanding in the retail sector, the number crypto-ATMs is increasing in different areas in the region.

Among the rest of the cryptocurrency ATMs placed all over the region, the largest number of cryptocurrency ATMs installed in the North American region is for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Depot has shared its achievement with the entire cryptocurrency industry as well as retail sectors. This is to publicize the importance of cryptocurrency ATMs in the current times. Furthermore, it would also provide more exposure to Bitcoin Depot among the retail sectors, which may adopt the platform for crypto-related services.

Bitcoin Depot has also revealed that it has recorded a significant rise in the number of crypto-ATMs it has installed in the last six months. The firm revealed that in the last six months, the number of its ATMs has tripled, which shows how much the cryptocurrency sector has been adopted by the retail sector.

The cryptocurrency ATMs have proven to be extremely beneficial for cryptocurrency users in the North American region. With the cryptocurrency ATMs in their access, the users are able to process transactions for cryptocurrencies. The users can do it without having to visit any bank or any other provider of financial services.

Bitcoin Depot has revealed that the major reason behind the sudden rise in the number of crypto-kiosks is the recent partnership it has formed with Circle K. Circle K is a major convenience stores chain based in the North American region.

It was back in July of 2021 when Circle K and Bitcoin Depot had made a unanimous announcement. In the announcement, Circle K had confirmed that it would have thousands of ATMs installed on its stores for Bitcoin.

This is the reason why the number of ATMs in North American is constantly on the rise. Ever since their partnership, both firms have benefited tremendously by collaborating and providing user base and payments services to each other. Through the ATM, the users have the ability to either process transactions in Bitcoin. Otherwise, the users can withdraw Bitcoin once it has been converted to fiat currency.