Just recently, a surprising news was dropped on the fans of one of the biggest soccer clubs around the world. It has been announced that the soccer club ‘Bayern Munich’ has joined the blockchain-based fantasy soccer pool.

Bayern Munich is considered to be one of the toughest football clubs in the history of soccer. It is a German soccer club that plays for the country under ‘Bundesliga’. The club has been known for overwhelming the most well-built soccer clubs.

Some of the major soccer clubs that Bayern Munich has defeated over the years are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, PSG, and Chelsea.

Now, the club has joined the list of the fantasy soccer game ‘Sorare’ that has been developed on an Ethereum-based blockchain. The blockchain-based soccer game is already home to more than 100 soccer clubs and has added Bayern Munich to the list this week. Some of the major soccer clubs in the list are Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain.

As far as the soccer club ‘Bayern Munich’ is concerned, it is not the first time the soccer club has collaborated with blockchain-technology. In the past, the soccer club was reported to have collaborated with Stryking Entertainment.

In collaboration with Stryking Entertainment, the club produced digital collectible cards of the players in the Bayern Munich club. These cards were not just limited to be collectibles but the fans could also play with them in fantasy-league based challenges.

While confirming the news, the executives of the Bayern Munich soccer club commented on joining the blockchain based game. They stated that Sorare is constantly gaining worldwide recognition among digital firms and soccer fans.

At present, the fantasy-soccer game has the top 20 soccer clubs available for playing and the list just keeps on growing. With its global recognition and fan-base, the club has struck a deal with Sorare to put its name on the gaming board.

The player stats in Sorare are based on the real-time performance and physical fitness of the players. Their rarity is also determined by their performance and real-time soccer league scores. The players in Sorare can also buy, sell, and trade the players cards to make money off of them.