Bodyguard of John McAfee has Pleaded Not Guilty

It is being reported that the legal dispute between the authorities of the United States and John McAfee is still at large. This time, it has been reported that the associate of John McAfee, Jimmy Watson seems to have entered a request for a plea.

Further details into the matter have suggested that the bodyguard of the former antivirus tycoon has pleaded at the court that he is not guilty. The reports are emerging around a cryptocurrency fraud case that the former antivirus tycoon has been alleged with.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed against Jimmy Watson Jr. and John McAfee, in which they were alleged that they had built and launched a “Pump and Dump” scheme.

One of the inside sources has claimed that the person that has entered a plea is Jimmy Gale Watson Jr. The plea was entered by the associate of McAfee at the Magistrate Judge Kevin Fox. The hearing for the lawsuit against John McAfee and Jimmy Watson is being carried out at the Southern District of New York.

According to the reports, Jimmy Watson Jr. was arrested at the beginning of March from Texas. Before becoming an associate with John McAfee, Jimmy Watson Jr. had served as part of the navy seals.

The reason for the arrest of the former seal was also provided by the law enforcement authorities. At the time of arrest, the law enforcement authorities informed them that there were several charges pressed against him. The authorities confirmed that the majority of the charges filed against him were related to securities fraud and money laundering.

The law enforcement authorities claimed that the former seal and the former antivirus tycoon were involved in running fraudulent schemes. As a result, these two associates were able to lure many cryptocurrency investors and had them invest money into their fake schemes.

The law enforcement authorities have alleged both John McAfee and Jimmy Watson Jr. for collecting a total of $13 million from the cryptocurrency investors in the name of the bogus scheme.

The reports further suggest that the personal bodyguard of John McAfee also served at McAfee Team as the executive adviser. The teams working for the scheme were involved in running a website that was used to provide tips to cryptocurrency traders.

The Department of Justice provided detailed information over the allegations in a statement released on March 5, 2021. In the statement, the DoJ had alleged John McAfee and Jimmy Watson of being involved in several conspiracies.

The DoJ also provided the conspiracies that were money laundering conspiracy offenses, wire fraud conspiracy and substantive wire fraud, securities and touting fraud conspiracy, and commodities and securities fraud conspiracy.