The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, shed some light on the progress of Cardano once more and provided some additional information as a whole via a new Ask Me Anything (AMA). In the beginning, he once again emphasized the new focus in marketing taken by Cardano and disclosed that he is in daily contact with the Head of Marketing, who has been recently appointed. Since he is the inventor of Cardano, he is taking things very seriously. In the first phase, comparative marketing will be the focus of the head of marketing with other blockchain projects. Later on, she will also give priority to campaign marketing. 

Apart from this, Hoskinson also announced proudly that more than 300 people had participated in the Catalyst project. However, the biggest news that Hoskinson mentioned was the contract that IOHK has signed with Runtime Verification Inc. A couple of details were provided by Hoskinson about the matter, such as the fact that they have signed a seven-figure contract, which has brought Runtime Verification Inc. back in the fold. As far as specific information is concerned, Hoskinson said that he would be making a dedicated announcement that would provide all details about the deliverables. For now, he was just eager to share the news with everyone. 

He also added that the two groups will be working on a virtual machine called Yella, which is said to be so good that it makes the Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM) seem like a toy in comparison. One user asked Hoskinson in the AMA if they would release parts of Goguen this year. Even though Hoskinson didn’t provide a specific answer, he did say that they would be making a number of hard fork combinator events, along with some notable upgrades. According to Hoskinson, some new functionality would be incorporated into the network with each of these upgrades, such as UTXO or multi-assets. 

It was further pointed out by Hoskinson that the first Goguen component that was activated was the metadata functionality. He also said that by the end of this month, most probably on 29th October, 2020, they would publish a concrete roadmap. However, Hoskinson was also quite adamant about some things and he wanted to let people know that it wasn’t as simple as just flipping a switch in order to bring Goguen. As an example, he referred to Ethereum and said that people should consider how it had been at its launch and then had been constantly upgraded and changed since then, with new capabilities added to the EVM. 

In doing so, he pointed out the sheer amount of infrastructure that had developed around Ethereum over the years. Therefore, Hoskinson said that it would take some time to building something like Goguen because it involves a constant and continuous effort of developing its infrastructure. Nevertheless, he did promise that he would provide information about some of these parts in the October update, ensuring that people don’t have to wait too long to find out.