While the countries from around the world are trying their best to pass regulations and induct crypto-blockchain technology, China has already taken things to an entirely different level.

Just recently, the Chinese Chief of Health has announced that they will be putting their internet hospital project on hold. He clarified that the project has been put on hold to give operators an ample amount of time to do more research in the blockchain technology.

The chief of health stated that the internet-hospital will now be built on the blockchain technology. To achieve this, the operators are required to perform extensive research and improvise in the blockchain-technology to make the best use of it.

The Chief of Health confirmed that this new blockchain-powered hospital is a project for Cn-Healthcare, which is the first Dalian Medical University affiliated hospital.Cn-Healthcare is one of the leading hospitals in China.

As per First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, they are working on this project to introduce a process where the patients’ treatment would involve minimum face-to-face contact. This will be executed by making maximum use of the blockchain technology.

The hospital’s sources confirmed that they already have the infrastructure and the necessary equipment in place. However, they have decided that integration of the blockchain-technology and required equipment will not be commenced until the end of the current year.

To their statement, the hospital officials also added that they have also planned to initiate the pilot program in the first month of the following year. Once the pilot phase is launched, the hospital will be named as the Internet Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University.

The operators working on the internet hospital project and responsible for the blockchain-technology integration also released their statement. As per the statement, with the help of the blockchain technology, the patients will not be required to visit the facility.

The patients will be able to access the services of the internet hospital through the blockchain-backed WeChat application. With the help of this technology, all of the patient, consultation, and treatment data will be saved on the blockchain network.