At present, the cryptocurrency industry has become the center of interest for countries that are constantly making technological advancements. Even the countries emerging as new technological states are working day and night to adopt the crypto-blockchain technology.

Countries such as Georgia, New Zealand, and Russia have also passed laws accepting crypto-blockchain assets as legal assets. These countries are trying their best to make the best use of the technology to improve their private, government, and semi-government sectors.

However, all countries’ efforts dwarf when it comes to China and it’s level of adoption of the crypto-blockchain technology. China has been making progress in the crypto-blockchain industry every single day and there is no stopping it.

Recently, a former IT minister of China had something to add to China’s currently crypto-blockchain adoption. He stated that the cryptocurrency industry is still an infant compared to other financial sectors. And the Chinese investment firms are determined to become the leading figures in the crypto-blockchain and financial industry.

There are many speculations around the globe that the mega-technology companies from China are making a lot of progress in the blockchain sector.

China’s former Vice-Minister for Science and Technology, Wu Zhongze also made the same statement around China’s crypto-blockchain adoption. Wu Zhongze also stated that although the crypto-blockchain industry has been around for more than 10 years but its technological advancements are still in its infancy.

Wu Zhongze, who is now considered a leading expert in digital economies, also stated that the crypto-blockchain industry needs a lot more time to get mature.

He also stated that although China has made an ample amount of progress in blockchain technology, it is still not very far ahead of the blockchain technology that Europe and America currently have.

However, he did state that among all other countries, China has the best opportunity to take the lead. It has shown far more interest and affinity to adopt crypto-blockchain technology as compared to the rest of the world.

Even the crypto-data analyzing firms such as Gyro Research Institute made a promising revelation for the Chinese firms. The Gyro Research Institute revealed that in the past 12 months, a total of 345 blockchain projects were launched from across the globe. And the majority of these projects originated from the country none other than China.