Coinbase is Aiming to Provide Improved Customer Service

It was just recently when one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges had made a huge announcement for the crypto-verse. The Coinbase exchange had announced that it was soon going to launch its initial public offering (IPO). At that time, Coinbase executives had confirmed that the initial public offering (IPO) being offered will be worth $100 billion.

Following the announcement of the Coinbase initial public offering (IPO), the executives of the Coinbase exchange decided to interact with the crypto-enthusiasts through the Reddit platform.

It was reported that the executives that reached out to the Reddit users were Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, and Alesia Haas, CFO of Coinbase. The executives did this to reach out to the users of the Reddit platform as well as the crypto-users to answer any questions they wanted to ask them.

At the session, the executives revealed that their development teams are in the process of enhancing their integration system. They confirmed to the Reddit users that with the integration enhancement, they are planning to introduce integration between Coinbase Pro and Coinbase.

They also confirmed that Coinbase is also in the process of coming up with new plans for the decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Apart from that, Coinbase is very much focused on their customer support sector and wants to fix the problems in the department as soon as possible.

One of the Reddit users going with the name “Duzand” asked the executives a question in regards to the regular Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. He stated that the major difference between the two platforms is the fee structure that is offered by both platforms.

Duzand asked if executives and development teams at Coinbase had come up with a plan to merge both platforms or lower and unify the fee structures on both the platforms.

The Reddit user “Duzand” went onto say that it is obviously going to become an issue having two platforms in the operations. The situation would become even worse when the exchange goes public with its initial public offering (IPO). At that time, even more concerns and questions will be raised against the fee structure of both platforms.

To Duzand’s question, Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong stated that the entire cryptocurrency industry witness that Coinbase will be able to perform better integration in the coming days.

On top of that, the fee structures will also be organized and put into tiers so the users can choose them as per their investment and affordability.

Armstrong started that over time, their exchange has observed different kinds of investors. There are investors who are only eager to spend around $50 or $100 dollars out of their savings to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). On the other hand, there are large investors to want to invest big so there is a great difference between the two profiles and investors.

This is the reason why the firm is in the process of introducing tier systems that would serve investors with different experiences and investment capitals different.