Cryptocurrency Investors on Robinhood Want More from Trading Service Provider

It was back in 2013 when Robinhood was reportedly launched as a stock trading service provider in the US market. When it debuted in the market, it was among the pioneers that were responsible for providing traders access to mobile trading services.

With time, Robinhood has continued evolving, adding several products to its portfolio. However, the platform was delivering just a mediocre performance. Then in the year 2018, Robinhood launched cryptocurrencies with aim of increasing its product portfolio for the investors.

Despite having a slow and steady growth in the cryptocurrency user base until the year 2020, Robinhood found a break by the end of 2020. Since then, Robinhood has never been the same trading platform. Although Robinhood started as a stock brokerage, it soon found its new primary trade that was the cryptocurrency sector.

With the commencement of the year 2021, the cryptocurrency trading sector played a huge role in increasing the business and revenue for Robinhood.

By now, the cryptocurrency investor community has become the most liked family by Robinhood for their investments and turnovers. This is the reason why Robinhood is also willing to listen to the demands and requests of the cryptocurrency investors’ community on its platform.

Just recently, reports have started emerging that Robinhood’s cryptocurrency community is now demanding a couple of things from it. The reports suggest that the first thing the community is demanding is a cryptocurrency wallet by Robinhood. The second demand that the community has made is for merchandise for Robinhood.

When it comes to the first demand, the community has raised its concern that they are not able to access their coins through Robinhood’s platform. Whenever the users trade crypto through Robinhood, all they can do is spend money, acquire the respective digital currency, and perform trades.

The gains that the users acquire are in the form of fiat currencies, which means they are not able to access their digital assets. Now the users are demanding a crypto-wallet so that they can use it through the Robinhood platform. This way, the users can gain access to the cryptocurrencies they acquire from Robinhood or the profits in the form of crypto.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency community is demands branded merchandise from Robinhood. The merchandises that the community has demands are hats and hoodies that Robinhood needs to arrange for the users.

These are not the only demands that the Robinhood customers and shareholders have made. Robinhood has acquired the services of a platform called “Say”, where its community can raise their queries. On the platform, the users have access to upvote and share a query, bringing it on top of the demands list.

According to data shared by “Say”, the two queries received the highest number of upvotes and re-shares before they made it to the top of the bulletin.