The development and the progress in the blockchain industry and its acceptance in the entire world has been really astounding over the past couple of years and seems to have gained even more attention in the current year. Looking at this potential and progress, everyone big-time name in the internet social media platform is rooting to partner with the fast-rising and upcoming cryptocurrencies and blockchains that are destined to become big in the market.

One such blockchain company is Cypherium, which is very prominent in China for its blockchain service network initiative. The company is fortunate enough to have launched their own branded emoji in the twitter emoji list.

Cypherium, which is a blockchain firm based in New York, recently announced this news to its users, adding that the emoji has been added to commemorate the launch of their most-awaited and anticipated public token.

With this new emoji added, any user who adds the tag #CPH or #Cypherium on their Twitter posts will automatically get the Cypherium logo. This feature works exactly the same as the Bitcoin branding through the twitter post’s hashtagging.

Adding further to their Cypherium (CPH) tokens’ announcement, the Cypherium firm announced that they intend to sell a total of 300 million (CPH) in the cryptocurrency market and this will be executed in two rounds. In the first round, there will be 200 million worth of CPH, which would be sold with a price tag of $0.25 per token and for the second round, there will be a total of 100 million worth of CPH tokens that will be sold at $0.28 per token.

Sky Guo, who is the CEO at Cypherium, told one of the online forums that they are expecting to finish both the rounds by 23rd of September, 2020. He also praised Cypherium’s achievement for becoming the fourth cryptocurrency to earn themselves a Twitter emoji after Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB) & Con (CRO).

At present, Cypherium holds really high importance in China as it is currently partnered with BSN that is responsible for China’s government-based blockchain initiative.