Empire Market, which is known to be the largest darknet market (DNM), got hacked last month for $30M in Bitcoin. Shocked with the incident, many of the patrons of DNM are looking for alternate markets. However, the law enforcement agencies have said that they had successfully apprehended 179 persons attached to DNM. The arrested individuals were found in possession of US$ 6.5 Million in the form of cash and digital currency.

The world was taken by surprise when the news of a hack occurring in DNM made headlines in the newspapers. The news suggested that approximately 2,638 BTC (equivalent to US$ 30 Million) were stolen from the DNM in the scam. It has been reported that due to the incident, many patrons from the DNM are looking for alternative markets.

This opened up a hot debate amongst DNM patrons which was evident on the r/darknet forum available at Reddit. Very soon the number of subscribers grew into tens of thousands who were all insisting to look for alternate markets. However, in order to stop the debate, the moderators had imposed a permanent ban for a month.

While DNM patrons are continuing their search of finding alternate markets, many end up getting caught by law enforcement agencies. Currently, 179 individuals who are part of the DNM have been arrested by law enforcement agencies. From their possession, US$ 6.5 has been seized which was in Bitcoin (BTC) and in cash as well. Around 500kg of illegal drugs have also been taken into custody by law enforcement agencies.

Some rumors also suggest that FBI agents are trying to convince many DNM individuals to help the agency. The agency wants to catch the hackers who managed to steal US$ 30 Million worth BTC from the Empire Market.

The Darknet is considered the most secure network. Almost all the transactions done on the DNM are carried out with the use of digital currencies. As in the crypto-industry, in the DNM also, BTC is the leading source of conducting transactions. August scam is known as “Exit Scam” in which the moderators of the network shut it down without warning. This allows them to walk away with the stolen funds.