Data of 100 Million T-Mobile Users May Be Compromised, T-Mobile Looks Into Potential Hack

It has been reported that T-Mobile may be looking into a potential hack attempt. It is being reported that the U.S. telecom giant may have fallen victim to an online hack. It is being speculated that as a result of the hack, the data of several million users of the platform might have been compromised.

According to sources, T-Mobile is currently looking into the data of 100 million users whose data it thinks have had their data compromised to a hack.

It has been reported that at present, T-Mobile is trying to look into the matter and trying to get to the bottom of the matter. It has been reported that T-Mobile is in the middle of investigating the matter and trying to get to the bottom of the data breach.

While T-Mobile has not shared many details around the matter, an author on an underground forum has claimed that a data breach at T-Mobile has indeed taken place.

A post was published on the particular underground forum by the hacker on August 15, 2021. In the post, the hacker or hackers claimed that they had managed to get their hands on data belonging to over 100 million users. The hacker confirmed that all these customers belonged to the telecommunication company “T-Mobile”. The hacker claimed that he had successfully gained access to T-Mobile’s servers, where he was able to exploit the data.

The hacker or the team of hackers have already put the stolen information of the T-Mobile customers on sale. As per the hackers, they have requested for buyers to pay up in Bitcoin (BTC) and they will share some of the data from the records.

According to the forum, the hackers are demanding 6 Bitcoin for sharing some of the data with the buyers. At the time of writing, the demanded price in BTC translates to $287,000.

The sources have shared exactly what kind of information the hackers have managed to get their hands on. The hackers have access to information such as driver license information, unique IMEI numbers, physical addresses, names, phone numbers, and social security numbers of the customers.

On the forum, the hackers revealed that for now, they are going with small batches of information for 6 BTC figures. However, they will go for the big sellouts where they will be sharing the information of 30 million users. They will proceed with sharing the driver licenses and social security numbers of 30 million users in these large batches.

The hackers confirmed that they will be demand Bitcoins for the payments of these largest batches as well. While many are questioning if T-Mobile knew about the hack from the start or not, the hackers have made an acknowledgment. They have revealed that they have already lost control of the backdoor servers, which means T-Mobile is already on the matter.