DeFi Protocol BarnBridge Launches An Application Called SMART Exposure For ERC-20 Tokens Maintenance

‘BarnBridge,’ a protocol for decentralized finance, has unveiled an application that allows the customers to do the automatic position management among the assets based on Ethereum. The application is named ‘SMART Exposure.’ The announcement of the application has been issued by BarnBridge on 5th July. An opportunity to indirectly maintain a specific weighting among the assets existing in a particular pair of ERC-20 tokens has been provided to the consumers via automatic rebalancing.

The Ethereum ‘Mainnet’ is the platform from where the launch of the application was executed to support working with the USDC (USD Coin), WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), and WETH (Wrapped Ethereum), having the ratios of 50/50 or 75/25 in pairs. In the next weeks, the project will be extended to work on the Polygon Network as well. It has been exclaimed by the company that they were overjoyed at the launch of their second application as the development that it has incorporated in the platform is a comprehensive one to facilitate the consumers regarding the automatic position management by taking the pairings of the Ethereum-based assets.

The protocol affirmed that the operations of SMART Exposure are possible by stating that it manages the asset pools of its own. ‘BarnBridge’ disclosed that the ratio of each exposure is described by an ERC-20 fungible token having the ticker of its own, which enables the trading of the positions on the markets which are secondary. It also allows them to be potentially utilized as collateral under the other protocols. Moreover, it revealed that the firm expects the application ‘SMART Exposure’ to provide its services being a vitally significant building block regarding the structured products which incorporate assets belonging to the other products from BarnBridge in the coming days. Currently, the firm told, the application presents an effective solution for the tokenized versions of prominent ratios as well as treasury maintenance.

The official launch of the firm BarnBridge was conducted in September of the recent year. The platform is a protocol of derivatives that targets the lending of structured products through stablecoins. The core purpose of the firm is to assist in the evolution of DeFi through several advancements, such as the handling of a few most prominent aspects dealing with institutional activity, including risk management as well as the entrance to the instruments of fixed income.