Discord No Longer Looking to Bring Cryptocurrencies to Platform

Following the incredible success that cryptocurrencies have been having over the past few years, it is obvious that companies are looking to get a piece of that pie. First it was AMC this year, which was looking to capitalize on the crypto trend to better deal with the losses that they were facing. Next there was Apple, where CEO Tim Cook revealed that he also invested in cryptocurrencies, which blew the entire market out o proportion.

And more recently, Discord revealed that they were looking to implement cryptocurrencies into their platform. The CEO for Discord revealed that he is looking to allow people to host their wallets on the app directly. From there they would be able to use the cryptocurrencies that they want for the transactions that they needed. However, nothing was set into stone.

It was a good idea overall, as cryptocurrencies were becoming an even bigger part of people’s everyday lives. Therefore, allowing gamers to access their cryptocurrencies from their most used app was a stroke of genius for the company. Following the announcement, however, the firm received some serious backlash, which it was not expecting.

Despite getting a lot of support for the idea as well, the company also received a lot of backlash as a result of their new decisions. Apparently, a large portion of the Discord Community does not like that they see cryptocurrencies everywhere they go. Instead, they would just like their online chatting and voice chat platform to focus only on that.

A major reason for why people were feeling so fatigued with the entire crypto trend was because everyone was implementing it. Even Facebook and Twitter, two of the largest social media apps in the world have started to accept cryptocurrencies and are offering services related to it. Facebook even renamed their entire brand to Meta, to better include the technological venues that the company is now experimenting with.

But despite the incredible outrage and perspectives that people have had over the past few days eventually came to a halt when the CEO for discord finally broke his silence about implementing cryptocurrencies into his platform.

The CEO clarified that he did not have any intentions of currently shipping the prototype that they were working on. In fact, Discord is currently working on a better way to protect its users against scams and fraud. Since the crypto market can be especially volatile, this was a very necessary step. He also said that the Web3 format also had a lot of problems that they had to work through first before they can even think of implementing a change like that at their scale.