Dragging COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Helping Gambling Tokens Hit the Jackpot

As a result of the pandemic, the development of the entire world has been reshaped. The entire world has realized the importance of introducing different and innovative products and services. In recent years, companies from all over the world have re-designed and re-structured their services.

The companies have done this to meet the requirements and expectations of users given the current circumstances and needs of the time. Due to the pandemic, industries have started changing their structures and things are also changing exactly how society operates.

Due to the pandemic, the entire world went under strict lockdowns and curfews that badly affected the global economy. However, this situation from all over the world helped people realize the importance of having remote and virtual means of communications and other interactions.

Some of the most important sectors that gained heavily from the pandemic were online trades, delivery services, virtual/digital currencies, and e-commerce.

Another sector that gained a lot from the lockdowns and pandemic is the Gambling sector. Due to the lockdowns and curfews, the majority of the casinos and gambling centers were closed for an indefinite amount of time.

Even some of the most prominent and hubs of gambling such as Macau and Vegas took a huge dip in their businesses due to the lockdowns. The lockdowns even resulted in the majority of the sporting events closing down due to the restrictions. The sports events were either canceled or had no spectators visiting the stadiums to watch the matches and competitions.

This is when the online gambling business sky-rocketed and its demand, and rally reached all-time highs. Alongside gambling, another sector that has gained an enormous adoption and rallying is the gaming sector.

As per the on-chain data analyzing firms, the cryptocurrency projects that were focused on such activities managed to gain a lot of growth with respect to their prices and trade volumes.

At present, three major projects that have gained the most amount of growth rate are Decentral Games (DSG), FunFair (FUN), and WINk (WIN).

The first asset, Decentral Games (DG) is a newer product that has been added into the gaming sector, which is based on the blockchain network. The website of the product acts as a casino that is metaverse, which allows players in earning DG as they continue to play games.

On January 2, 2021, the price of DG was at $13.87 and as of March 22, 2021, its price has surged all the way up to $621.

The second asset, FunFair is a project that is based on Ethereum blockchain and was created to offer players a gaming ecosystem. On January 1, 2021, the price of the FUN token was $0.0048 and as of Feb 3, 2021, its prices shot up to $0.059.

The third asset, WINk is a platform that is also used for gaming where the players can socialize, stake assets, and play games. All of these activities take place through different blockchain ecosystems. Back on January 1, 2021, the price of the WIN token was at $0.000058 and until March 20, 2021, its prices shot up to $0.000477.