€5,000,000 Reportedly Raised by Bit2Me through Phase One of ICO

According to the latest reports, Bit2Me has made an announcement in regards to the initial coin offering (ICO). The firm has announced that the first phase of the ICO has been closed after a successful launch. According to officials of Bit2Me, the firm revealed that the ICO it launched finished within 59 seconds.

Bit2Me has revealed that as a result of the first phase of ICO, it raised funds worth €5,000,000. As per officials from the Bit2Me protocol, this is the fastest as well as the most successful ICO that has ever taken place in Spain.

Following the successful completion of the first phase of ICO, the second phase of the ICO would launch on September 13, 2021. Bit2Me has also confirmed that the third phase of the ICO will be taking place starting September 21, 2021.

Prior to the launch of the ICO, a private funding round had already been held by Bit2Me. The particular funding round was held by Bit2Me back in August of 2021, which helped the platform generated €2,500,000. In total figures, the firm has now generated an overall figure of €7.5 million from the private funding round plus the initial coin offering.

The development team behind the Bit2Me project is very happy and determined after the success they have witnessed in such a short amount of time. According to the team, the B2M token has helped the firm generate such high funds. The users can reserve these B2M tokens through the official website of Bit2Me.

Now that the first phase of the ICO has been concluded, Bit2Me is getting ready to launch the second phase of the ICO. The team has confirmed that the users participating in the ICO will have their hands on the greatest of guarantees.

The Bit2Me team has announced that the participants can enroll themselves into both ICOs. The potential participants would have access to a form through the website that they would be able to fill and submit for enrollment in respective ICOs.

For the first phase of the initial coin offering that commenced on September 6, 2021, the Bit2Me team had allocated 500 million tokens in total. For the second phase of the initial coin offering, Bit2Me will reportedly allocate a total of 500 million more B2M tokens.

As for the third phase of the initial coin offering, the Bit2Me team will allocate a total of 250 million B2M tokens. After the conclusion of the third phase of the initial public offering, Bit2Me would have distributed a total of 1.25 billion B2M tokens.

The firm had already witnessed a great adoption and following for its services even prior to launching its ICO.

In the ICO rounds, the users from several countries including Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Martinique Colombia, and other countries, would be able to participate in the ICO.