Elon Musk Says The Cryptocurrency Space Race With Crypto Exchange BitMEX Has Started

A space race is likely to be started between BitMEX and Elon Musk as both sides are declaring to launch their crypto missions to the actual moon before the other.

On 4th June, BitMEX, the famous derivative exchange of cryptocurrency, declared that Astrobotic Technology, which is a space robotics company, will be supported in its mission which will the initial commercial land on the moon in the interim of Q4 2020.

This mission is considered to be the earliest example that features industry, academia, international partners, as well as the government to be affiliated with a private company for approaching moon surface. BitMEX stated that the event would comprise the delivery of a physical Bitcoin to the lunar surface that would refer to Musk as the protagonist of Dogecoin. It further mentioned that the company is not against dog money. Rather, it felt this mission to be the only way to assist Bitcoin in getting to the moon first.

The declaration was preceded by Elon Musk’s news of early May which stated that SpaceX is mapping out the procedure of launching one among its first rockets for the moon. The announcement continues adding that the first cryptocurrency to reach the moon would be the DOGE by reaching the moon orbit during next year.

The ‘newfound astronomic ambitions’ of BitMEX was replied by Musk on Twitter as he said that it is the beginning of a new space race. Most of the responders to Elon Musk’s tweet are his followers who favor the mission. The others pointed towards the critical issues on the Earth rather than entering the orbit of the other celestial bodies.

Some other projects are also heading towards exploring the facility of developing crypto infrastructure from space. This is grasping the attention of the mainstream like Elon Musk that resulted in the Dogecoin mission. The CEO of Tesla is not the first person to think about the plans for taking cryptocurrency out of the world. Blockstream is considered to have been the pioneer to use crypto-satellites and launching them to start broadcast transmissions of Bitcoin transactions in August 2017. Kusama and Robonomics, in August 2020, declared the launching of an interplanetary architecture having the capability of utilizing the Kusama network to broadcast the data from between Earth and Mars.