Although Anthony Di Iorio had co-founded one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in history, Ethereum (ETH), alongside the likes of Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, and Gavin Wood, he has now decided to quit the crypto industry altogether as he no longer feels safe.

Anthony has now stated that regardless of his success with Ethereum, he is still unconvinced that the world is in desperate need of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Safety concerns

It was revealed a couple of days ago that Anthony has plans of selling off Decentral, his digital asset firm, and blockchain company. He additionally intends to cut all ties with any cryptocurrency projects that he may be involved in, as he does not feel safe because of his popular status and elevated profile in the industry.

Di Iorio originally came from a web development background and was part of the team that went on to initially work on Ethereum back in 2014. He had also worked as the Toronto Stock Exchange’s Chief Digital Officer in 2016, and in recent years his interests have mainly been centered around start-up advising and venture capital investing.

Anthony had founded Decentral in 2016, and the company also operates Jaxx Liberty which is a crypto wallet (multi-platform) that can enhance any user base of over a million. Although he anticipates that the company will be sold for potentially ‘hundreds of millions, he is only willing to accept payment either in cash or perhaps equity in a different company for the purposes of settlement. Di Iorio had also said that from this point forward, he shall not be getting involved with any blockchain start-ups and is effectively leaving the industry behind.

What’s next?

Anthony will be working with Project Arrow now and has plans of helping construct a unique zero-emission vehicle which will also be the first of its kind in Canada. Regarding crypto, he believes that it would not be beneficial for him to only be known as a ‘crypto guy,’ as he primarily wants to assist in solving complicated real-world issues. He shall still be utilizing crypto as needed, however.

Moreover, only Vitalik Buterin remains out of the original team of co-founders, and although former teammates Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson went on to make Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA) respectively, Vitalik was nevertheless praised for the recent work he has done for Ethereum.