EZDSK.com Review

So, you think you are ready to step into the world of online cryptocurrency trading. You have made up your mind that you want to invest in your future, and of course, there is no better way of doing that other than buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Now, if you want to trade digital coins with the help of an online broker, I can recommend EZDSK.com to you for its many amazing features. In my experience, I have admired five of its features the most. Let me tell you about those features and then you can make up your mind about this broker. I won’t force you into any decision.

The Five Considerable EZDSK Features

1. The Trader-friendly Deposit Options

Is there anything better than being able to deposit your funds into your account through a safe method? You can talk to any expert who is associated with online trading, and they will tell you that safety is extremely important. Now, safety is most important when you are depositing funds in your accounts. You don’t want your broker to tell you that it has some unique way for you to fund your accounts. There are some really awesome, safe, reliable, and fast methods available for traders to put funds in their accounts. The broker you sign up with should provide you with these options.

When you sign up with EZDSK, you will be able to fund your account through a bank wire transfer or using your credit card. You can use not only Visa and MasterCard credit card, but also the Maestro card. In addition to that, the broker has also given you the option of funding your account through an e-wallet. E-wallets are quite safe and they let you put funds in your account on an immediate basis. The best thing about these wallets is that no one can steal them from you and they look futuristic. So, you can pick the method that you think is the safest for you.

EZDSK.com screenshot
EZDSK.com screenshot

2. Referral Bonuses

It has surprised me beyond bounds that there are so many online cryptocurrency brokers that are not using the word of mouth marketing method at all. They market their services in all the possible ways they can, but don’t pay attention to using the word of mouth. The online brokers should know that their traders are their best representatives. They can share their experiences of trading with others and inspire and encourage them to sign up with their favorite brokers. I am glad that a broker like EZDSK thought about this idea. If you notice on the website, you will find a page dedicated to referral bonuses.

Yes, if you have been a trader with this broker, you can start marketing its services to your friends and make some money from that. This is the easiest way for anyone to make money. You just tell your friend about the broker and its services, and once they sign up and trade, you will get the bonus. The best thing is that the broker has designed different levels of your bonuses. You and your friend will be credit with $25 if the friend deposits up to $1000 in the account. You can get a huge amount of $300 if your friend makes an initial deposit of $20,000.

3. SSL Security

You can’t even think about signing up with a broker that does not have proper SSL certificates installed on its website. There are many brokers who are operating with unsafe websites, but I can tell you here that EZDSK is not one of them. This broker has taken the most important measure of securing its website through SSL. Yes, when you provide your information to the broker, it will be encrypted properly and protect your information from being stolen by anyone. That’s the kind of security you expect from the best online brokers.

4. Trade the Big Cryptos

Why must you limit yourself to trading only a single type of cryptocurrency when you have an entire world of cryptocurrencies in front of you? You have to make sure that you sign up with a broker that lets you go deep into cryptocurrency trading. The broker should even give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio while staying a part of just the cryptocurrency market. You will do just that when you sign up with EZDSK. The broker has made sure that you trade all the big cryptocurrencies of the world. And no, if you think you will be limited to trading Bitcoin only, you are wrong.

The broker has provided you with its trading platform where you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash Coin, Ripple, and Litecoin. Now, you can always pick your favorite cryptocurrency and have a perfect opportunity of diversifying your portfolio as well.

5. Proper Education Center

The education center from EZDSK is one that you are going to admire with all your heart. There are online brokers who have provided you with only generic information about trading in their learning materials. That’s something that you will not like as a trader. Yes, you need some introductory material when you just start trading, but there comes a time when you need advanced strategies as well. That’s where the in-depth course from EZDSK is going to help you a great deal. The broker has made sure that you are given all the resources that can help you with your trading career.

I like the fact that the broker has thought about not only experienced but also new traders while designing its educational center. The best thing is that everything you learn from this broker will be specific to trading cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Here you go, I have told you everything about the five main features that I love from this broker. I have tried to cover five completely different features to give you a 360-degree view of the broker. You should know what your overall trading experience will be like with this broker. Now that you have all the information that you need, I can relax and let you decide whether or not you want to go with this broker.