Famous American Rapper Tyga Plans To Launch Crypto Competitor Of OnlyFans

It has been recently suggested that crypto can be utilized as a solution to the disasters that OnlyFans (a prominent platform for adult content) has been undergoing. The firm made an announcement last week stating that it has determined to eliminate the entire content present on it by the 1st of October. Some rumors propose that the move was taken to avoid the payment through MasterCard or Visa as some serious issues were making it hard for the payment processors because of the nature of the majority of the content existing on the platform.

However, the firm has made it clear that, in doing so, it is seeking the investors who had left because of the content’s subject. A shockwave has gone through the news department as well as the community because of this sudden decision. Some crypto enthusiasts recommended decentralized payment services and platforms such as cryptocurrencies for the current scenario, and Bitcoin was the top suggestion. Nonetheless, the firm has not given feedback on such endorsements and decided to eliminate all of the pornographic content.

Tyga’s exodus from OnlyFans

Tyga, an American rapper, had created an account on OnlyFans approximately a year back. He was among the solid supporters of the company, so he initiated Too Raww (an agency for modeling), which was wholly devoted to assisting the content creators who were newly entering the platform. After a ban implemented on adult content, he declared on his Instagram account to quit OnlyFans. Tyga added that he had removed his account from the platform as well as considered developing another platform entitled Mystar for providing more freedom to the content creators in addition to better-earning packages. He further announced to offer an advanced quality viewing to the watchers.

Commencing with a backbone for cryptocurrency

The most prominent factor of Mystar is that the network of Etherem will provide the basis for it, as has been suggested by the community of the crypto market. Along with the provision of a higher-earning percentage and a better quality, the platform will permit the content creators to trade NFTs via it. The features related to the industry of music will also be incorporated on the platform. In this way, the content creators will be capable of minting pornographic content for selling it as NFTs. It has been planned that Mystar will be released in October.