An official says that the number increased by $1.9 Billion from $135.1Billion last year.

Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves rose to $137 billion by the end of August, which is considered a record high.

On Monday, the head of Bank Indonesia’s communication department, Onny Widjanarjo said, “The number has increased by $1.9 billion from $135.1 billion last year”.

He also explained that the increase was largely due to government tax collection, foreign loans, and proceeds from gas and oil.

Widjanarjoy said the bank made an assessment that the foreign exchange reserves could probably support the pliability of the external sector and maintain the financial system and macroeconomic stability.

He further added, “The position of foreign reserves is equivalent to financing 9.4 months of imports or 9.0 months of imports and servicing of government foreign debt and well above the international adequacy standard of three months of import”.

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