Kate loved to cook since her childhood and made it her profession. Owning a restaurant and making great food there was her dream, but unfortunately she wasn`t able to save enough money for this, working as an ordinary cook in a middle-level cafeteria. FINANCE .

Her sister, Samantha, on the opposite, always was a business woman, successful lawyer, earning enough for herself and her family, but suddenly everything changed, when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. “It was a very hard time in my life, I realized that probably I didn`t have a lot of time left with my husband, so I had to quit the job. Medical bills, as well, were burying us alive”

“It was horrible”, Kate recalls. “I felt so useless, that I couldn`t help my sister, Sam was the only family I had since our parents passed away, I desperately wanted her to be happy, wanted to help her pay the bills at least, but what could I do with my modest income?

Luckily for sisters things turned around, Samantha`s husband is now in a long remission, their family has everything they need, Kate`s dream came true as well, she doesn`t need to work for anyone anymore, since she has her own business and her sister to help her. So, how was it possible?

“I was seeking for ways to earn money and help my sister, a friend recommended I start working from home with a simple software system – she was making more than €12,000 per month with it”, Kate explains “I tried to make extra money online before, but didn`t succeed – I was filling online surveys, giving reviews, but I didn`t make a lot and there were always delays with my payments”, says Kate.