The 21st century brought about technological advancement, but no one could have envisioned how this would bring changes in every single industry. Today, we are living in a digital world where technology has made everything convenient and accessible. This is also applicable to the world of trading. Gone are the days when you had to go out for trading in the financial markets because the technology and the internet have brought it into your homes. You can get access to global financial markets straight from the comfort of your living room or even your office. Trading has been simplified with online solutions and anyone can now venture into this space for making money.

While you may not need any knowledge or experience to get started, a broker is not something you can do without. Trading starts with a broker and so, online brokers have been established in huge numbers in the last few years. Thus, the real challenge is not finding a broker because a Google search can net you various options. The actual challenge is choosing a good broker from the options at your disposal. It is important to remember that not every broker has been created equal and you will have to dig deep to find one that can help you in achieving your trading goals.

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Which category does Global CTB fall into? This is one of the brokers you will find when you begin your search, but can it be relied upon? To find the answer to this question, you need to consider its different aspects and then make your decision:

Global CTB’s Trading Platform

The first thing you need to consider in a brokerage is their trading platform because your experience is largely dependent on this element. A trading platform is basically the software that enables you to connect to the markets and open and close positions. Brokers are known to offer different platforms and so, your experience can also vary. Global CTB has developed a proprietary trading platform for its clients and its team has put in a great deal of effort to make sure it doesn’t break down or suffer from other performance issues.

It is a browser-based trading platform, which means you can access it through Global CTB’s website and don’t need to download it anywhere. This enables traders to use it on different devices and they don’t need to worry about updating it. The broker has integrated it with cutting-edge technology for delivering a seamless trading experience and it comes with some of the best trading tools as well. You can find numerous charting tools, line graphs, technical analysis tools, trading indicators, price alerts and live market news.

Global CTB’s Secure Trading Environment

The internet is rampant with cybersecurity incidents that put people at risk of identity theft and financial loss. When you sign up with a broker for trading, you don’t want to constantly worry about the security of your money or your personal information, both of which you have to trust the broker with. This can only happen if the broker creates a secure trading environment, something that Global CTB has done for its clients. It is a registered broker, so it has complied with international security standards.

To start with, Global CTB has opted for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting all personal and confidential data that’s shared by traders. No third-parties will be able to access your information. In order to keep your funds safe, the broker has chosen to keep segregated accounts. This means their own accounts are kept separate from clients, which reduces the possibility of discrepancies. Also, in the event of bankruptcy, customer funds can be returned safely and not used for the broker’s own obligations.

Most importantly, Global CTB is in compliance with the popular KYC and AML policies, which are Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering. These policies require traders to submit some documents for verification because their purpose is to prevent identity theft and financial crimes on a broker’s platform. Complying with these policies is a must in order to be able to withdraw your money later on.

Global CTB’s Registration and Account Opening

There is a registration process that needs to be completed for opening an account with a broker. Unlike most other brokers in the market, Global CTB has opted to keep registration straightforward by asking clients to fill out just one, short form on their website. It only takes a couple of minutes because you have to provide details like your name, email, phone number, country and password. Registration is done immediately and then you can take a look at the account options that the broker has put together.

Global CTB has also been attentive in this regard and has come up with six choices, each of which are aimed at accommodating different types of traders. These options include:

  • Basic account: This comes with a 30% welcome bonus and requires a minimum deposit of $250.
  • Beginner account: The welcome bonus is 40% now and minimum deposit is increased to $10,000.
  • Medium: Traders have to deposit at least $25,000 to open this account and receive a 60% bonus.
  • Advanced: This account gives a welcome bonus of 70% and minimum deposit is increased to $50,000.
  • Pro: Having a minimum deposit requirement of $100,000, this account gives an 80% welcome bonus.
  • VIP: This particular account has a special criteria to be fulfilled and the account manager can give you guidance about them.

Along with these basic offerings, every account at Global CTB has been equipped with various features to allow traders in making the most of their experience. Features like customer support, daily market review, price alerts and educational center access is common in all accounts. Account managers are also provided, with varying level of experience, for assisting traders during their journey.


Global CTB has also added top-notch customer support, an extensive educational center for guidance and provides competitive trading conditions on its platform to help traders in maximizing their investments.