Some of the top billionaires and millionaires in the world have indulged in trading at some point. The fact is that trading in the financial markets has helped lots of people earn millions over time. As a matter of fact, some people even managed to make millions within days and in weeks, like in 2017 when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin reached their peak. Since then, trading has seen a surge in activity and people have been making their way into the financial markets in droves. But, this doesn’t mean that all of them are achieving the kind of success they want. Most of these people end up quitting the market because they lose everything.

In some cases, it is because of their lack of knowledge or they simply don’t have the aptitude to survive in the market. But, in most situations, it is due to their bad decisions. The most important decision that traders have to make is the broker they choose. With hundreds of options in the market, some traders are often overwhelmed and don’t know how to pick one. The choice of broker plays a vital role in your success because if the broker is shady or unreliable, you will encounter a lot of issues and may even get scammed.

Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

During your search for a broker, you will come across lots of names and one of them is Global CTB. This brokerage was founded in 2016 by Amethyst International Ltd. and has attracted the attention of a lot of traders. But, the fact that it hasn’t been around for very long creates some doubt amongst people. So, how do you make sure it is not one? The best way to go about it is to check them out thoroughly to ensure you are not falling for a scam. Let’s take a close look at Global CTB to determine if it is a good option:

  • The Trading Products at Global CTB

The first thing that you check in a broker is the trading instruments they offer to you. After all, you want to ensure that they are providing the ones you want to trade. Global CTB doesn’t disappoint traders in this regard because they have incorporated a wide list of trading instruments for their clients. Their cryptocurrency offerings are downright impressive as they include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum and even other options like Bitcoin, NEO, Monero, Dash and EOS. You can find a huge number of CFDs offered by the broker as well, such as shares, forex currencies, oil, bonds and metals. This gives traders the chance to diversify their portfolio and maximize their returns.

  • The Trading Platform and User-Interface at Global CTB

If the trading platform is not efficient, it can become extremely complex and difficult to execute trades that can provide a profitable outcome. Therefore, Global CTB has integrated a leading trading platform to make trading as easy for its clients as possible. The user interface is such that both beginners and professional traders are immediately comfortable with it. They have opted for a web trading platform that can be accessed through the browser and doesn’t require any form of downloading and installation, which can often be stressful for traders.

  • The Numerous Investment Plans at Global CTB

Like every broker is different, so is every trader and customized investment plans are needed to accommodate traders of different backgrounds, experience and skill levels. Global CTB has made an effort to craft six options, enabling majority of the traders to find an investment plan in accordance with their requirements. You can find the Basic account, the Beginner account, Medium account, Advanced account, Pro account and then the VIP account. Some of these investment plans are self-explanatory i.e. you can easily tell who they are for. The deposit requirements, bonus and trading features of each account are different, but some services are consistent through all accounts, such as customer support, access to education center and more. You can check the different plans and choose an account that gives you the most benefits.

  • The Learning Portal at Global CTB

One of the most impressive offerings of the Global CTB online trading platform is their learning portal and it is an excellent example of their dedication to their clients. Knowing the fact that a lot of traders don’t have knowledge about the trading markets and that reliable and authentic resources are difficult to find, the broker came up with this learning portal. They have equipped it with a wide array of learning and educational materials and resources to help newcomers and even experienced traders learn different things about thing. There are plenty of videos, e-books, charts, risk management tools and even a glossary that can help traders. The latest news is also provided to help people in making decisions.

  • The Security Infrastructure at Global CTB

Online scams have become widespread in the online world and this means that strong cybersecurity measures need to be in place to protect traders. Global CTB has paid attention to this aspect for reassuring their clients. They have used the most advanced encryption technology for protecting all user data that’s shared with them. Apart from that, there are KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies that are designed to keep criminals out of the platform. Account segregation is also done to protect traders’ funds from any misappropriation.

  • The Professional Team at Global CTB

There are unexpected issues that traders may face when they are making trades and may require assistance. In this situation, they need a broker’s customer support to be there to help you out. Global CTB ensures that you can find the help you need as quickly as possible. They have an FAQ section where answers to common issues are provided. They also have an email address, a contact form and a live chat option for seeking assistance. You can also get in touch via phone, if the problem is urgent.

Final Thoughts

All these features indicate that Global CTB is a fully legitimate and regulated broker that provides reliable services and protects people from scams.