GPU Miners from China Are Buying Nvidia Laptops in Large Quantities

In recent days, reports from the Chinese mining sector have started emerging on a daily basis. The recent reports from the Chinese mining sector are now revolving around the acquisition of Nvidia-powered laptops.

It has been reported that the cryptocurrency miners in China have started purchasing laptops in bulk that have dedicated Nvidia graphics cards. When it comes to purchasing laptops, the miners are going for the latest and high-end laptops.

It is the Ethereum (ETH) mining community that has been acquiring the laptops at an all-time high rate. The main reason is that since the beginning of the year 2021, Ethereum, as well as other altcoins, have started hitting all-time highs.

Therefore, more cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors have started shifting to the mining maneuvers to mine as much Ethereum as possible.

The world’s largest GPU manufacturing company “Nvidia” has revealed that in China, the laptops with its GeForce RTX 30 have become the highest selling units.

These laptops have reportedly become the most preferred and highly demanded machines for mining Ethereum (ETH) in China.

On February 6, 2021, one of the Twitter users going by the name BTCer has shared an image showing off his fleet of RTX 30 laptops. The picture that he shared showed an enormous number of laptops laying around in a huge room that resembled an entire mining farm for cryptocurrencies. The user also mentioned that the time for the laptop-based cryptocurrency mining farms is here.

Right after the post made by BTCer, major outlets from the tech media sector confirmed that the laptops set up by BTCer were to mine Ethereum (ETH). Two of the major tech media firms that revealed the utility of the laptops for Ethereum (ETH) included Wccftech and VideoCardz.

Following the post made by BTCer, many other cryptocurrency miners also started emerging and sharing their knowledge around the Ethereum (ETH) mining rigs. One of the users known as Bilibili released a fun video titled “Fish Pond F2pool” showing how Ethereum (ETH) could be mined through other GPUs as well.

In the video, the user has shown that it is quite easy to mine Ethereum (ETH) through laptops that even have the RTX 3060 graphics installed in them. The user showed that he was sitting at Starbucks and in a matter of two hours, he was able to mine 0.00053 ETH. At the time of publishing, the 0.00053 ETH figure translates to $0.89.

There are several crypto-mining firms that have shared their estimations of mining Ethereum (ETH) through laptops with GeForce RTX 3060. It has been revealed that a single laptop with GeForce RTX 3060 can generate almost 2.3 Ethereum (ETH) in a single year. At the time of writing, 2.3 ETH translates into $4094.02 that a laptop with GeForce RTX 3060 GPU can generate in a year.