Impressive Area Review

Impressive Area logoIn the last few years, the popularity of online trading has intensified, driven by the growth of the cryptocurrency market.This has resulted in the introduction of a multitude of new brokerages, one of which is Impressive Area.

It has grabbed the attention of many because of its comprehensive offerings. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you sign up with them directly without checking their features yourself. It is a good idea to go through an Impressive Area review because it will tell you what you should really expect.

This can help you in making the right decision and not have to worry about looking for a different platform because you are not happy with the one you have selected.

Plus, you can get a smooth start and not miss out on any of the opportunities in the financial markets. Check out an overview of Impressive Area’s offerings below:

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Impressive Area’s Asset Index

No overview of a brokerage would be complete without looking at their asset index. These are the instruments you can trade on their platform. Asset index are the most important thing that will help you in earning the returns you want and to diversify your portfolio.

The good thing about Impressive Area is that they have given their clients the ability of trading in various markets via one platform.

Their asset index comprises instruments from some of the world’s leading financial markets, which include currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrency.

You can find the top instruments from each market, which will help you in portfolio diversification and greater gains of your profits.

Impressive Area assets
Impressive Area’s Security Features

You also need to pay attention to the kind of security you are provided. Keeping this in mind, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology has been used by Impressive Area as well as cryptography and encryption for protecting all your sensitive and confidential data.

They are also compliant with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies, which can add a layer of security to all the personal information and data provided by the client.

Funds are deposited in segregated accounts and kept with the world’s leading banks, which makes it completely safe.

Impressive Area security
Impressive Area’s Account Choices

Brokers are known to offer account choices to their clients and the same is applicable here as well. However, you will notice that Impressive Area offers seven account options, which is twice more than what others usually provide.

The variety is to ensure that every trader is able to find a suitable account option and not have deal with what they are given.

The options start with Basic and move onto Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pro and VIP. Bear in mind that the VIP account is only available on the invitation and not for signing up because it has certain criteria that you need to fulfill.

The minimum deposit requirement starts at 250 for the Basic account at Impressive Area and increases to 250,000 for the VIP account.

As far as account features are concerned, you are provided with company financing, bonus, trading signals, pre-ordered premium contracts, insured and risk-free trades, education course, leveraged trading, financial expert, order execution notifications and financial analyst.

Impressive Area’s Investment Plans

Other than account choices, investment plans are also given by Impressive Area because they realize that traders have specific expectations when they decide to trade in the financial markets. Therefore, they have created investment plans that their clients can choose according to what they want to achieve via trading.

These include a Vacation Plan, Family Plan, Secondary Income Plan, Training Programs, Retirement Plan, and a VIP Plan as well. A personal manager is usually provided to help you in choosing a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Impressive Area investment plans
The Conclusion

You are given a team of customer support, a dependable trading platform, and good trading conditions, which make Impressive Area a comprehensive brokerage for your trading requirements.