It is true that when we talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, we are referring to one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs. But it does not mean that being one of the technological miracles, it is only in the grasp of the top countries.

This is the very factor that distinguishes the crypto-blockchain technology/industry from the rest of the technological advancements in the world. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence or Biotechnology, these technologies are only available to the most advanced and resourceful countries in the world.

However, crypto-blockchain technology is easily accessible by any country or nation. All there is required to become a part of the crypto-blockchain technology is computer-programming infrastructure and the right minds.

This is where countries like Abkhazia come in and try to make a difference to their economy with crypto-blockchain technology. The country has been trying its best to stay in the cryptocurrency industry with all the technology and resources it has. The citizens of Abkhazia are doing whatever they can in the crypto-verse to improve their financial conditions. Thus, these citizens are adding to the economy of the country.

However, it seems that the country’s government has other plans as it does not approve of the crypto-blockchain technology.

For several months, the citizens of Abkhazia have been facing numerous brownouts, blackouts, and electricity shutdowns for several hours. To make things worse, one of the powerhouses in Abkhazia recently got burnt down due to a power-circuit disaster.

If you think that this is something very cruel or unethical then it would come as a shock that things do not stop here for the Abkhazians. It has been reported the government of Abkhazia is now considering restricting the internet activities of its citizens. The Abkhazian government is considering this as it is confused about whether to ban its citizens from crypto-mining or not.

For a while, the government of Abkhazia has been confused about the crypto-mining activities in the country. Over the course of time, the Abkhazian government has imposed many laws & statements for cryptocurrencies only to revert them afterward.

In the past few years, the cryptocurrency mining industry has gained enormous popularity and adoption in the country. However, the government of Abkhazia has decided to ban cryptocurrency mining in the country.

The Abkhazian government has even asked for the police to intervene and ensure all the crypto-mining facilities and rigs are shut down. As per sources, the Abkhazian police have shut down more than 2,400 crypto-mining rigs at different locations.

In addition to this, the Abkhazian government has also issued orders to the telecom operators in the country to ban all the domains, network addresses, and sites that might be linked with cryptocurrencies.