You have many online brokers that claim to be revolutionizing things. I have to say that big words are thrown around quite frequently in the online trading world. However, you always have to keep your eyes and ears open to make sure that you are putting your hands into something that will not bite you in the end. So, if you are thinking about investing your money into trading, I would like you to have a look at Solid Invest. This is one of the popular brokers of this time, but of course, you will only trust all this information when you know more about the broker.

I can tell you that I have checked hundreds of online brokers. They all have something special to offer to their traders. However, I can’t be sure about the fact that they have designed their features for new traders so they can have a good start in the career. For a broker to make things easy for new traders, it just has to simplify the entire process. So, we will talk about the features of this broker and see if it is simplifying things for traders in any way.

Solid Invest review

How Solid Invest Is Simplifying Trading

·         An Easy Way to Sign Up

First of all, you don’t have to worry about the signup process. There are many traders from around the world who don’t even know how the online world works. When it comes time for them to sign up with a broker, they know absolutely nothing. However, if the broker is helpful to its traders, it can definitely help them with a lot of things. When I look at Solid Invest, I see a broker that cares about its traders. For this reason, you will notice that the broker has made the entire process of signing up with it very easy.

This easy process invites you to sign up with the broker and start trading without wasting anymore time. You just have to provide your personal details when you are signing up with the broker. Once you have done that according to the policies of the broker, you will be inside the system that the broker has created for you to trade in the best financial markets of the world.

·         Affordable Trading

When you are just starting out in the world of online trading, you are not sure about a lot of things out there. So, you might not be fully aware of the use of the term affordable when you are trading online. Let me guide you in this particular dilemma. If you are wondering about the use of this term in the online trading industry, let me tell you that trading online is not always cheap. There are some brokers that will make it difficult for you to trade if you have not spent a lot of money with them. Yes, they have the right to charge you for their services, but when their service charges and commissions start biting into your profits, there is no reason for you to trade with them.

However, you will not feel this way when you sign up with Solid Invest. This broker has made sure that you are a part of a very fair system. You can trade with this broker without spending any unnecessary money on anything that you don’t need. The broker has made sure that you spend money while opening your trading account, but when it comes to the commissions that you have to pay on your trades, you will be happy that this broker is one of the most affordable you will find in the online world. With a commission of just 0.87%, you can say that this broker is the most affordable option you have in the online trading world.

·         The Great Trading Accounts

Trading accounts should not be an issue when you sign up with online brokers, but again, things can be very different from broker to broker. When you are a trader, you are looking for an option that you can easily adjust within your budget. In fact, you are looking for something that easily fits in your lifestyle. It is the job of the online brokers to step with the world and give you all the options that you are looking for. So, to make sure that every trader is accommodated on the website, the broker has created five different account types. You can choose the one that you think it is meant just for you.

There are some great trading accounts to choose from when you are signed up with a broker like Solid Invest. First of all, you don’t have to worry about the amount that you have to deposit in your account to activate it. So, if you are going with a basic account, the amount that you have to deposit in your account is not more than $1000. Of course, you can deposit more money in your account if you want to but that’s the minimum amount that you will have to fund your account with. This shows that the broker really cares about you as a trader. It is not making you borrow money from anyone only because you sign up with a broker for trading online.

·         The Big Welcome Bonus

I have a complaint with online brokers, and I am going to talk about it right now with you. You see, when you sign up with online services, you will usually notice that they make the signup process easy for you. What they do is attract you to their services through a variety of bonuses and incentives. In many cases, you are welcomed with a welcome bonus. However, I have noticed that most online brokers do not even think about this particular option. Okay, I understand that you are running a business that involves risk taking, but you can say for sure that a welcome bonus will only give you more customers because they will tell other customers to sign up with you.

Now, what you are going to love about this broker is that it has not left you behind even if you are signing up with the most basic account with the broker. The most basic account with the broker requires you to deposit only $1000 in the account so you can start trading with ease. With just this small amount, you will qualify for a bonus of 30%. What does that 30% mean? Well, the broker will return into your account 30% of the amount that you have deposited in your account.

You are going to be surprised by the fact that the broker has improved your bonus as you go from a basic account to a professional one. The most surprising part is that you will have a 150% bonus to welcome you if you sign up with the broker with the most expensive account on the list.

·         Private Sessions and Training

You will find some training material from almost every online broker. However, you might not have checked all the training material like I have. I have spent years in researching the content that the brokers have put together for their traders. As it turns out, there are more brokers that are taking advantage of this feature rather than providing benefit to their traders. First of all, you receive sub-par training from the training material that has been put together by people who don’t even understand trading professionally.

They just know some basic concepts of trading and put together an ebook that they think will help people a lot. However, when you are trying to be a part of the online trading world, you just don’t want the theoretical knowledge. You want something that can help you practically while you are trading with your real money. Solid Invest has made sure that you receive proper training before you are with the broker and trading many assets. In addition to that, you have some great training material in the courses that will help you learn trading before you sign up with this broker or any other broker on the internet for that matter.

·         Professional Trading Help

This particular feature has simplified trading so much for new traders that they will not even think about signing up with any other broker once they have heard about it. Now, when you start trading, you have to wonder how trading works. So, you start learning about the basics of trading. You then have to spend some time before you can learn trading like professionals. However, you don’t get any help from the broker that you just signed up with. In most cases, you will have some training material in the form of videos and ebooks right there for you when you sign up. You just have to go through these courses yourself and learn everything.

However, when you are with this broker, you will have private sessions with trainers who understand the ins and outs of trading online. If you have not guessed yet, I am talking about the bookkeeping services from the broker. They are unique but they will definitely give a lot of confidence to new traders before they start trading. You are always shaky when you do your first trades. In the confusion of trading for the first time, you have a high chance of making a mistake and losing the money you have.

That’s where professional help from the broker can be extremely helpful. The broker has provided you with professional trading help in the form of professional bookkeepers. These professionals are always there to guide you in the right direction about your trading decisions. That’s a service that I can tell you based on my experience that I have not seen with any other broker. You might find a broker with this particular feature, but I can tell you that I will still prefer this broker for its great trading features.

·         Trading on a Powerful Platform

I have to admit that the trading platform from the broker might not be the best. There are a few things that I can say need improvement. However, I can tell you with surety that there are more worse trading platforms than the one that is being provided by Solid Invest than there are better ones. If you start researching online brokers like me, you will notice that they have some great problems with their trading platforms. In fact, some are not even ready for cryptocurrency trading on them, so they are nothing to you as a trader. The trading platform from Solid Invest is definitely one that I want to admire here.

This powerful trading platform is there for you to allow you to trade no matter where you are and what device you are using. In many cases, the brokers provide you with a great trading platform only on one device. So, if you are using the trading platform on your desktop computer, you might not be able to access and use the same on your smartphone. That’s because the trading platform from your broker has not been optimized for trading on a mobile phone. In some cases, the trading platform will not be available on the smartphone that you are using.

The trading platform from Solid Invest is one that you can use on your favorite devices. You can us the same trading platform on your Android phones and iPhones without worrying about compatibility issues. The trading platform is easy to use and understand so you will be up and running on it within seconds.

Final Thoughts

The broker has definitely simplified trading in many ways. There are many hurdles that you used to face in the past and even face today with online brokers. However, you will feel that your trading journey is smooth with this broker because the trading platform is great and you are getting some great leverages on your asset trades. Now that you have a broker like Solid Invest in your reach, I think it will be unfair if you do not try its services. You can always visit the broker’s website in detail to know more about its services and the trading platform.