According to Forbes, the CEO, Larry Fink, whose net worth is over $1.1 billion, has been against cryptocurrency and has previously implied it to be an “index of money laundering. In an interview with CNBC, he spoke extensively on cryptocurrency and how much the future he sees growing to be a valuable asset.

He has, however, been fascinated and decided to look up more information on cryptocurrency; he informed that he is encouraged by how much information is out there and how much time people are investing in it. Although he also made it known that his company investors haven’t been swayed and yet to welcome the use of cryptocurrency.

Fink now believes in digital assets

Fink spoke about how his opinion on crypto is beginning to change. He spoke about how his former opinion was based on having little to no information on cryptocurrency. Fink speaks on how much time he is investing in the study of cryptocurrency.

The CEO is embracing and extensively studying cryptocurrency and digital currency as he sees them as a valuable asset. Larry Fink spoke about how he does not believe cryptocurrency to be a substitute for currencies, as we still need the use of physical currency in the world.

He also spoke about how much impact the digital currency has on the US dollar and noted that this would make the need for the US dollars irrelevant. Fink believes that the conversation around cryptocurrency has been doing a lot of good.

It has helped grow and how much people are willing to study and invest more in it, and how digital currency is yielding to be a great asset class for individual financial well-being. Blackrock in March revealed that it already held 37 futures contracts from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which are settled in cash. This shows Blackrock did not take possession of any bitcoin to execute the trades.

Blackrock continues to help people achieve financial well-being

Blackrock, a global investment firm and is charged to help people experience financial well-being, has welcomed the use of cryptocurrency and digital currency in dealing with its clients. Fink’s firm, whose assets have been recorded to manage $9 trillion assets worldwide, embraces cryptocurrency.

The firm announced in the SEC filing submit in January that it could add Bitcoin to its funds as they are studying and see a future in bitcoin use. The CEO, who is now a staunch believer of cryptocurrency, speaks about his company investment in cryptocurrency and that the investment has been yielding returns.

Fink spoke extensively on how learning of cryptocurrency never stops. The CEO asserts that his firm would keep studying and investing in the digital currency as he sees it as an avenue to amass assets. Flint believes in the future and growth of cryptocurrency and digital currency in handling asset-related management.

Larry Fink ended his interview with CNBC by believing that cryptocurrency could take the place of gold to a large extent. The CEO also added that “digital currency and the receptivity-particularly Millenials receptivity-of technology and cryptocurrency is real.” The world at large is beginning to see the future in cryptocurrency.