Mark Cuban Finally Revealed his Portfolio on Cryptocurrencies

Just like the rest of the cryptocurrency proponents, Mark Cuban is also positive about the future of cryptocurrencies. According to him, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and for now, they are enjoying the best time of their existence. He stated that cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a bullish trend and this will continue happening.

On several occasions, the billionaire businessman has been heard talking about the nature of cryptocurrencies. There are several instances when he has compared the early era of the internet industry with the blockchain industry.

No matter the market situation or sentiment over cryptocurrencies, Mark Cuban has remained optimistic about digital assets. He has always trusted the potential and adaptability of the cryptocurrency industry in the entire world.

This is the reason why he is among the people who had gotten their hands on cryptocurrencies when they were first introduced. Just recently, Mark Cuban has revealed that he still has a few digital coins on him that he had acquired in the initial stages of cryptocurrencies.

Cuban recently revealed this information while giving an interview in The Delphi Podcast’s recent episode. During the interview, Mark Cuban revealed that he currently has his personal portfolio distributed among several cryptocurrencies.

The majority of Cuban’s personal portfolio goes towards Bitcoin (BTC) as he has claimed that 60% of the portfolio is for Bitcoin (BTC). Then the next cryptocurrency on the list is Ethereum (ETH), in which he has invested 30% of his personal portfolio. The rest goes towards the rest of the cryptocurrencies, which as per Cuban are promising and are gaining a lot of momentum.

Bitcoin (BTC) currently exists as the largest cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse. It was launched back in 2009 and is the first-ever cryptocurrency that gave birth to the cryptocurrency industry.

Although the majority of the crypto-verse considers Bitcoin (BTC) to be a digital currency. Cuban on the other hand perceives Bitcoin (BTC) as the best store of value. As per him, it is one of the most reliable assets that an investor can hold onto and gain from it even in the short run.

However, if the investors decide to go for the long run, they would simply be making the best decision of their lives.

The statement made by Cuban about Bitcoin (BTC) being the best store of value is actually true and they can be authenticated by Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent bullish run.

Ever since the commencement of Q4 of 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) started experiencing a significant rise in terms of its price and market capitalization. Then from December onwards, Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to break all its previous records. Since December 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) has not only constantly hit all-time highs but also increased its user-base, market capitalization, and adoption.