Mexican Companies Want to Follow Tesla’s Footsteps in Bitcoin Investment

As Bitcoin continues to gain on its price and market capitalization, more companies rally to the largest cryptocurrency asset in the market. The company that has triggered a surge in mass adoption for Bitcoin (BTC) is Tesla.

It was just a week ago when Tesla revealed that it had acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC). The electric car giant revealed the BTC investment in its filing at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

The recent demonstration from Tesla has caused a frenzy among companies from all over the world and quite frankly in Mexico. According to the latest reports, several companies from Mexico are now rallying to invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

It is now being expected that several companies from Mexico will now start investing in Bitcoin (BTC) as they have become extremely interested in digital assets.

This information has been shared by one of the local news agencies known as El Economista. As per the report from the news agency, it has referenced the statement made by the managing partner of PwC Mexico. The name of the managing partner at PwC Mexico is Mauricio Hurtado who was seen talking about the potential of Bitcoin (BTC).

Hurtado stated that as Bitcoin continues to gain more market capitalization and price, more investors keep coming to it. Due to the surge in the price, Bitcoin (BTC) is constantly becoming the center of attraction for mainstream institutions. As the companies in Mexico are after success and more profits, they are now planning to invest more in Bitcoin (BTC).

Hurtado added that in the past, the main concern over the cryptocurrencies that the mainstream institutions had was the lack of regulatory infrastructure. The lack of regulatory adherence and the decentralized nature of Bitcoin (BTC) made it a high risk.

However, as Bitcoin (BTC) continued to gain mainstream adoption, that factor is now getting stepped aside. According to many analysts, the industry is gaining so much attention and adoption, people are no longer concerned about the decentralized and unregulated nature of Bitcoin (BTC).

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow in size and figures, the companies are now investing in Bitcoin (BTC) because they do not want to be left out. This fear of being left out is the main reason why companies from all over the world are now investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

Hurtado stated that the involvement of firms such as Square, MicroStrategy, and Tesla have now increased the confidence and trust of the Mexican companies in Bitcoin (BTC).

With the ever-growing Bitcoin (BTC) market around the world, if countries and international banks from around the world have now started investing in Bitcoin (BTC).