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Miami Bitcoin Conference 2021: What Happened on 1st Day?

Miami is looking forward to becoming the centre and hub of the crypto industry, for which it is struggling day and night. As per the proposed plan, Miami hosted the Bitcoin Conference 2021, in which several prominent crypto figures took part on the 1st official day of the Conference on the 4th of June 2021 in Miami, Florida. This article will briefly explain the proceeding and impotent event related to the first day of the conference, which you might have missed.

On 1st official day of the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida, many significant events took place, and thousands of conference-goers gathered to take part in the conference. Many of them took part in interviews, speeches and cross questionings in order to share their views about the scope of cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry and also discussed the future of the crypto market. Many significant personalities like Peter McCormack (the host of famous podcast named what Bitcoin did?) who hosted and announced some important events and introduces guests, Tim Draper (founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson), Michael Saylor (CEO of MicroStrategy), Dan Held (Head of Kraken Growth), prominent panellists and crypto speakers and even Mayor of Miami took part in the conference and shared his views.

Francis X. Suarez at BTC Conference 2021

Francis X. Suarez, the mayor of Miami (since 2017), who has been lately taking an interest in the crypto industry, also took part in the Bitcoin Conference 2021, which was planned and held in Miami due to his efforts. Suarez spoke at a conference where he mentioned the efforts for developing the Bitcoin blockchain and to mine capital globally. He shared his involvement and efforts being put into the crypto industry and making Miami the centre of the crypto industry.

Moreover, he said that trend of centralized finance and central bank currency is going to end soon as with the passage and requirement of time, the currency is also becoming digitalized, and Bitcoin is the best option available for the sake of alternative assets.

Michael Saylor at BTC Conference 2021

The CEO of MicroStrategy shared his personal views during his time on stage. He said that he bought 1 Bitcoin (BTC) the same day a year ago, and now he feels like being a rookie this year.

Jack Dorsey at BTC Conference 2021

Twitter CEO shared land-marking ideas as he said that now the internet needs a native and digital currency instead of relying on the other physical currencies. Virtual currencies are the future and should be embraced with an open heart.

Brian Brooks at BTC Conference 2021

Brian Brooks (US CEO of Binance) also shared his view later on while discussing at the stage. He said that being a banking person, he knows the associated problems with the banking network as he himself has served the banking network for a long time and possess a distinguished record. Keeping his service record, he also discussed the pros and cons of the crypto field and depicted the bright future of the crypto industry lying ahead.

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