Microsoft Will Not Be Making Same Bitcoin (BTC) Move as Tesla

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency that started back in 2009 and at that time, it had no such value. Although many people mined it in the starting phase of the cryptocurrency, yet it started gaining its value in 2017. By the end of 2017, Bitcoin (BTC) had hit its first all-time high of $19k per BTC before falling to the bottom again.

However, since 2017, it has managed to experience an upward growth and is not showing any signs of decline in the price. The beginning of the year 2020 turned out to be the best year for Bitcoin (BTC) as it saw mass adoption and huge investments in the asset.

Towards the end of the year 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced enormous acceptance from mainstream institutions. Companies such as MassMutual, PayPal, MicroStrategy, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and many more have already invested in Bitcoin (BTC).

One of the recent additions to the mainstream adoption for Bitcoin (BTC) was observed from Tesla when it revealed that it has acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC).

Right after Tesla’s announcement, an even larger number of mainstream institutions have started rallying at Bitcoin (BTC). This is the reason why Bitcoin (BTC) is currently experiencing an all-time high of $51.37k per BTC.

While the majority of the mainstream institutions continue to acquire Bitcoin (BTC), Microsoft has something completely opposite in mind. According to the latest reports, the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, Microsoft neither has any plans nor is considering investing in Bitcoin (BTC) any time soon.

At present, Microsoft exists as the second-largest firm in the entire United States of America with respect to market capitalization. It is only second to Apple, which is currently the largest company in the entire country.

Brad Smith had shared his views about Bitcoin (BTC) during an interview at CNN on February 16, 2021. The interview was conducted by Julia Chatterley where Smith mentioned the current mind-set of Microsoft around Bitcoin (BTC). However, there are possibilities that this mind-set may change in the coming future and Microsoft may start investing heavily in Bitcoin (BTC).

That is when Chatterley asked the Microsoft president if Microsoft is also considering adopting cryptocurrencies following Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment. However, Smith stated that he is not aware of any discussions currently taking place in the company regarding crypto-adoption.

Bitcoin (BTC) has started gaining a lot of reputation and value with respect to its market capitalization. Bitcoin has already gained so much market capitalization that it has already left many major companies behind. Just recently, Bitcoin (BTC) managed to surpass the market capitalization of Tesla and is currently sitting at $808 billion.