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NCapital Group Review

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could do a job where you could be your own boss? Who doesn’t want to set their own timings, work according to their flexibility and earn as much as they like?

Most people assume that it is just not possible to do so and so they stay in a rut and have to put up with their 9-to-5 jobs. But, what if you had a way out? The world of trading gives you this opportunity because you can trade whatever instrument you want, invest as much money as you want and get out when you want.

There are thousands of trading instruments at your disposal, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for people. But, the best part is that you don’t have to have any prior experience or knowledge to step into this market. You could be from a medical background and still become a trader. Moreover, the market has a place for traders with different levels of risk tolerances. There are volatile instruments that are the perfect fit for traders with a high risk tolerance and stable and low-risk ones that work for people who are not comfortable with too much risk.

But, no matter what kind of trader you want to be, you have to find a broker to get started. A broker provides you with access to the world of online trading; they connect you to the market, allow you to choose the assets you wish to trade and provide you with the platforms and tools to do so. With the advancement of technology and widespread use of the internet, online trading has become immensely popular amongst people all over the world. To keep up with this growing demand, thousands of online brokers have been established.

Thus, you will have plenty of options to explore when you want to choose a broker. Some brokers specialize in a single trading instrument while others offer you a variety. While this is an important consideration, it is not the only factor you need to consider. There are numerous other features of a broker that have to be taken into account, such as their security features and privacy policies, their trading platform and registration process, customer support and account options and the overall trading environment. Doing so ensures that you are able to make the right choice in order to achieve your trading goals.

If you don’t do so, there is a good chance that you could end up with an unreliable brokerage or even a scam one. The internet is a stomping ground for cybercriminals including hackers and scammers and they are just looking for an opportunity to con and exploit as many people as possible. The trading world provides countless chances to do that. So, scam brokers have been created by these criminals so they can fool people into sharing their information and their money. There have been thousands of victims in the past few years, but do you want to join that list? Probably not.

The only way you can avoid it is by opting for a reputable and professional broker for providing quality services to you. There are a number of brokers who meet this criterion quite well and all you have to do is find one. Amongst the various options in the market, you will find NCapital Group standing out in the crowd. Why is this the case? As compared to some of the other renowned brokers in the market, NCapital Group is a significantly new one and was launched by Expand Solutions Ltd. not long ago. The fact that it is not an old broker causes some people to not pay much attention to it.

They disregard it for its lack of history, but what the broker doesn’t have in terms of experience, it has made up for it by providing some of the most comprehensive and efficient trading services in the market. NCapital Group is second to none when it comes to providing an optimal, transparent and fair trading environment to its clients. The broker is offering CFD trading to its clients, which means anyone who signs up for their services will not buy the asset, but only trade a contract with the underlying asset. They don’t have any excessive trading fee and have ensured that traders can make the most of their investment.

Is NCapital Group a Scam Broker?

No, NCapital Group is not a scam, it is a legit cryptocurrency trading platform and you can use their website securely for cryptocurrency CFDs trading without any worries.

NCapital Group Review

Some more of the important things you should know about NCapital Group are discussed here for your ease:

The Registration and Verification Process

To avail any broker’s services, you would be required to register with them first and then open an account. The same is applicable when you opt for NCapital Group, so what makes it different? When you check out the requirements of the registration process, you will come to see that they are simple and not time-consuming at all. You are not asked to sign a contract or fill out several detailed and extensive forms. Yes, there is a verification process, but that’s also for your safety and doesn’t take a lot of time because it only needs a couple of documents.

If you want to register with NCapital Group, you can go to their website and select the Registration option. Doing so will immediately open a short form that you have to fill out and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes to do so. The form asks you to provide some basics like your first and last name, email address, password and phone number. You can choose an account currency from USD, EURO and GBP, agree to the broker’s Terms and Conditions and the form is complete. Click on register and you will be able to check out the account options of the broker.

While the registration process ends here, you should be aware that your actual account with NCapital Group will only be activated when you completed the verification process. This is in accordance with the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy that the broker follows, as per regulatory standards. These are policies aimed at preventing financial and other crimes from being committed on a trading platform. Traders who are making an account have to provide some form of identification and proof of residence to confirm who they are.

This is a great way of rooting out fake or shady profiles from the platform altogether. A passport, national ID card or driver’s license will suffice as proof of ID. Any utility bill, whether electricity, gas or water, or a bank statement showing your home address will work for proof of residence. However, you should ensure that the document you submit for residence is not more than three months old. You also have to give proof of payment at NCapital Group, if you plan on using your debit or credit card for making payments on the broker’s trading platform.

This is done by providing a photo of the front and back of the card. For security reasons, you can hide the last four digits and the CVV on the back. These documents will be vetted by the broker and once they are verified, your account will be active.

The Web and Mobile Trading Platforms

Everyone knows that brokers facilitate traders when it comes to executing trades and managing your investments, but how do they do that? They provide you with a trading platform for this purpose. Some brokers may offer the same platform, but most of them come up with their own solutions. The problem is that not all trading platforms are created equal. While some of them do deliver an impressive performance, there are some inefficient ones as well. You will hear traders complaining about platforms that were too difficult to use, break down every now and then or were not secure.

This can make it extremely tough to trade easily and smoothly and NCapital Group is well-aware of this. Subsequently, the broker has ensured that their proprietary trading platform doesn’t trouble its clients in this manner. They have opted to incorporate a web-based trading platform, which means you access it through a web browser rather than downloading it on any device. This provides traders a great deal of flexibility because they can use the platform on various devices, as per their convenience. Furthermore, the broker has opted for an intuitive and responsive interface, which can be navigated easily by newcomers and skilled traders alike.

Other than usability, NCapital Group has also integrated cutting-edge technology in their trading platform, providing traders with access to some of the most powerful and innovative trading tools in the market. From advanced charting tools to price alerts and trading indicators to economic calendar, you can find everything in one place. The execution speed is also worth mentioning, as you can make transactions in a single click and see the results reflected straight away. While this trading platform is quite impressive, NCapital Group has also given its clients the chance of using a mobile trading platform if they wish.

The broker has developed mobile apps for iOS and Android powered devices, which can be downloaded within minutes. These allow traders to access their trading accounts with NCapital Group from anywhere and at any time. They can be used for keeping an eye on the market and also for executing trades when required. The broker has equipped the mobile apps with some prominent tools as well, such as charting tools and indicators. These can help you in making better and smarter decisions and you can always stay on top of the latest occurrences in the market.

Funds and Information Security

There is no denying that the internet has brought many improvements and conveniences in our lives, but it is also a fact that security problems also persist online. The trading market has had its share of security disasters as people ended up having their identities stolen and then used for illegal purposes. Traders also lost their hard-earned money due to one scam or another. Consequently, people have a great deal of concerns and worries when they are thinking about online trading. You would obviously want a broker that can provide you with the best possible security. NCapital Group is one broker that has made security a priority.

What distinguishes this broker from the other options in the market is the fact that it hasn’t just focused on keeping funds secure; it has also prioritized the safety of the information entrusted to them by their clients. Therefore, they don’t just have security policies, but also a privacy policy in effect. To keep your capital safe, NCapital Group maintains separate and segregated accounts of all traders. The broker’s own accounts are not combined with that of its clients to prevent any discrepancy or misappropriation. Moreover, the broker only uses the services of the most renowned and secure investment banks to prevent them from being compromised.

To protect the sensitive information they collect from their clients, NCapital Group has implemented 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. Every single piece of data shared on their platform is immediately encrypted to prevent any outside party from gaining access to it. Even employees of the broker are not authorized to view confidential data. Moving onto the privacy policy, the broker has clearly outlined that all information collected is only used for the provision of services. No information is shared, licensed or sold to any third-party or outsider without the consent of the client.

An exception is made only in the case where government authorities or security agencies may ask for access. Hence, you can rest assured that your information and your funds are in safe hands and you can continue to trade with full peace of mind.

Customized Accounts for Different Styles

Just like no two brokers are the same, two traders will not have the same style, skill or even risk tolerance. Thus, it wouldn’t be a good idea for a broker to offer them the same account, which has the same minimum deposit requirements, tools and resources. Some traders may not want to invest a heavy amount from the get go while others may want to go all in because they have enough knowledge and experience. In order to cater to these different styles, brokers have come up with customized account solutions.

Most brokers provide three to four option to their clients when it comes to account options, but we have established that NCapital Group is definitely not like the other brokers out there. Hence, when you take a look at this broker’s offerings, you will come to see that they are offering a total of six accounts to their clients in order to ensure that everyone can find something they are comfortable with. You can explore the different types and then pick one that works best for you. Check out the options below and then make up your mind:

Basic: The first account plan has a minimum deposit requirement of €1,000. This account is for traders who are fresh in the market with absolutely no experience. With the Basic account at NCapital Group, these traders can enjoy 24/6 customer support, access to the broker’s educational center, pro webinars and also daily market review.

Bronze: With a minimum deposit requirement of €10,000, the Bronze account is the next choice at NCapital Group and is a good choice for traders with some experience and knowledge. They are given features of the Basic account, along with an account manager for a month to guide them and price alerts.

Silver: The third account plan that you will find at NCapital Group is this one and you have to deposit at least €25,000 to open this account. The account manager is now available to traders for three months and they also receive PIA Trading Signals up to five times a day.

Gold: If you are a serious and ambitious trader, the Gold account at NCapital Group is a good option for you. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit requirement of €50,000 and opening this account allows you to avail the services of an account manager for six months and receive trading signals 10 times in a single day, allowing you to make better trading decisions.

Platinum: Those who believe they have enough skills to invest a substantial sum in the trading market can choose this account at NCapital Group. The deposit requirements for this account have been set at €250,000 and people can get unlimited PIA trading signals. Moreover, the account manager can now help them for over a year and they are also provided PIA SMS signals. A personalized trading strategy is also available under this account option.

Black: The last account choice that you will find at NCapital Group is the Black account and it is designed solely for professional traders. To be eligible for this account, there are some conditions that a trader has to fulfill and you can get them from your account manager. Along with the features of other accounts, you can get exclusive position access here and one-on-one training is also provided.

Payment Options for Depositing and Withdrawing

As stated above, to open an account with NCapital Group, a trader is required to meet some minimum deposit requirements. Later on as well, you may want to invest more money or you may wish to withdraw the profits you have earned. Every broker provides their clients with various payment options so they can add and withdraw their money without any hassle. Of course, NCapital Group has done the same, but their choices are more varied and accommodating than others, as are their policies. To start with, they allow you to pay through bank wire transfers, one of the oldest options in the book. You can just use your bank account for adding or withdrawing funds from your account with the broker.

Debit and credit cards are also supported. In fact, NCapital Group provides support for a ton of cards, something that not many brokers can offer. You can use Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Maestro UK, Diners and Delta, amongst others. Online payment services like Skrill, SoFort and Neteller are also supported by the broker. All deposits are shown in your account immediately and withdrawal requests can be made when you want. But, their processing time is between 7 and 14 days. Deposits usually don’t have a cost associated with them, but you may have to pay some charges for withdrawals, depending on the method used.

Learning all About Trading

There is no one stopping you from entering the trading market, even if you don’t have any knowledge of how to trade. However, if you want to achieve even a little bit of success and earn profits like others have done, you do need to learn. It is not just the basics you have to understand; there are plenty of things that need to be understood for you to come close to professional traders. The internet does provide access to information, but it is important to remember that not all of it is accurate or reliable. To assist its clients, NCapital Group has put together an educational center on their website.

Here, every trader will find a ton of learning material that can prove to be extremely valuable and insightful. You can check out short courses on different aspects of trading or even long and in-depth ones that can be great for experienced traders. There are e-books to be read and even Pro webinars that can give you a clear view of the market. With such resources, you can polish and improve your skills to reach new heights of success.

Bottom Line

When you learn these things about NCapital Group, it is easy to comprehend why this broker has managed to become so popular so quickly. It has matched the standards of all professional brokers in the market and can be your gateway into the trading world.