New Survey Shows Every Third Swing State Citizen Wants Authorities To Legalize Bitcoin

37% of Wisconsin and Texas citizens favor the authorization of cryptocurrencies to be a method of payment within the states. As per a survey, almost every third citizen of the swing state would want the local authorities to provide legal status to cryptocurrencies as an option for payment. However, the general support is in favor of private-digital-currencies to a great extent. The research disclosed that the community, even now, needs much to learn about these currencies on the upper level.

Wisconsin and Texas top the list

“Redfield-&-Wilton-Strategies” (a polling firm based in London) organized a survey including more than 9,700 qualified voters from within 10 swing states of the United States to speak their viewpoint about the new developments in cryptocurrency. The states included Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California. At being questioned about the legalization of virtual assets on behalf of their local authorities, almost one-third of the respondents answered in affirmative. Moving further inside the results, the citizens of Arizona appear to be prominently skeptical and counted for 28% of those who supported the concept, whereas Wisconsin and Texas showed more favorable results and provided 37% favor for the initiative.

The residents of Lone-Star-State peaked at a separate ranking having 42% among them wanting to go after the crypto-friendly legislation of Wyoming offering crypto transactions without charging any taxes. Arizona, with 25% results, bottomed the statistic. The crypto expansion during the recent years could count as another aspect that could be under consideration of the politicians as the insights’ head at Redfield-&-Wilton named “Louisa Idel” figured out that in case of a party’s desire to win these approachable voters, the party should work rapidly by beating the other party and also anticipate legislation that turns out to be difficult to be overturned after its enactment.

The majority of Americans knows just about Bitcoin

The results revealed that a significant majority of voters only know about Bitcoin (BTC). More than 60% out of it has not even heard about other coins like Ethereum (ETH). Even 50% of those acquainted with the most prominent virtual asset stated that even they had a little information about it. Only 25% of them asserted to have sufficient knowledge about the subject.