In Nigeria, there are currently several protesting groups that spearhead protests against the Nigerian Police. The main purpose of these protesting groups is to raise voice against the brutality of the Nigerian Police units. One of the most prominent Police units these protestors protest against is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria.

Just recently, the Feminist Coalition group, which is one of the prominent Nigerian protest groups, made another revelation against the Nigerian regulators. As per the group, the Nigerian authorities blocked the bank account where the protest group used to receive donations.

As per the Feminist Coalition group, they used to receive donations from around the world from people who supported their cause. They would use these donations to fund the 90 protest groups throughout Nigeria.

The Feminist Coalition group shared their displeasure and disappointment against the Nigerian regulators. They stated that by blocking the only donation account, they have made an attempt to suffocate the movement against the Nigerian authorities.

They also added that through their movement, they have been able to bring the crimes and atrocities committed by the Nigerian Police into the spotlight. As a result, organizations fighting for the rights of the civilians started paying attention to the Nigerian matters. This is why the Nigerian authorities have made the foolish mistake of muting these groups.

On October 11, 2020, the Director-General of the Nigerian Police addressed the entire Nigeria. In his address, he announced that the SARS will definitely be held answerable for the allegations put against them. He added that until the inquiry and investigation against the SARS operatives is completed, they will be disbanded.

Although this announcement seems to have cooled down global human rights organizations, the Nigerian protestors are still not satisfied. Many protestors have anonymously reached out to local/international forums stating that the SARS’ brutality in Nigeria still continues. Now, the situation has gotten even worse as the authorities have even blocked their donation account.

However, the Feminist Coalition group has requested support from global organizations. They have requested to be donated via bitcoin.

The reason why the group has chosen the cryptocurrency platform is that the Nigerians are already used to the cryptocurrency industry. As per the stats, Nigeria currently holds the title for being the largest cryptocurrency market in the African region.

Many people from Nigeria are already involved in cryptocurrency mining and trading activities. Therefore, it is expected that they will not have any issues in making deposits or transactions through the cryptocurrencies.

The majority of these protest groups are run by the Nigerian youth who are already very tech-savvy. They are the ones who are raising voice against the brutality of the Nigerian Police and want an end to this once and for all.