NordikCoin shows off plans to expand further into Asia

When Bitcoin started out in 2009, no one could have anticipated that it would grow to this extent. Not only has it become a viable competitor to regular currencies and other assets, but even countries have started accepting it with open arms.

Asian countries have been especially open towards cryptocurrencies, as it helps with their devalued currency. Even countries in Africa have started unofficially allowing their citizens to escape the hyperinflation of their own country’s currency. In fact, cryptocurrencies have somewhat become the ultimate fix for hyperinflation of currencies, as inflation does not affect it.

And with so many countries and their citizens now working with cryptocurrencies, the demand for more exchanges is increasing dramatically. Even though companies like the public and Paypal are introducing the ability for customers to trade in their favorite cryptocurrencies directly from their accounts. While this was certainly a great feature for countries like the US and other countries in Europe, it was not a good enough solution for Asian countries. Since most of them rarely made use of Paypal, having this feature made no difference to them. And this is where NordikCoin steps in.

NordikCoin is a high-powered cryptocurrency exchange that has recently been propelled into stardom thanks to the rise in the popularity of Bitcoin. And despite its incredible success throughout the western market, NordikCoin is adamant on expanding towards the eastern markets as well. The reason for why they wish to do so is that the Asian markets have been especially receptive towards cryptocurrencies.

Except for China, which has recently taken to ban cryptocurrencies as a whole throughout the country, all Asian countries have either officially or unofficially accepted the use of cryptocurrencies. Many of India’s villages and smaller towns are making plenty of use of cryptocurrency, which has led the country to consider its importance through and through.

The parent company of NordikCoin, Omni Matrix, had its CEO recently come out in an interview to talk about their recent expansion plans. David De Marco, the CEO, talked about how this expansion marked a new chapter in the company’s history. He also said that he is very proud to announce that they will be allowing clients from Asian countries to take up the joys of trading crypto with them. Finally, he concluded his statement by saying that this was the perfect stepping stone for crypto exchanges in general, with NordikCoin leading the charge.

They are very confident that they will be able to tap into the Asian market and blend in with their trading practices almost seamlessly. while we have yet to see how they will be able to tap into the market there, given that they will be expanding sometime next year, people are optimistic that they will get the job done.